Ryme C'

Ryme C'

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My music is not Gangster Rap, Hardcore Rap or Hip-Hop. It is mixture of the three, and I call it Hood Hop. I am a national recording artist now, with one release under my belt. I have been doing music for 18 years so I know what it takes to make a crowd move.


The music I do is what I like to call Hood Hop. It's Gangster rap, Club bangers, and love songs all rolled into one. There is no one style of music in my set.

Some of my influences were Big Daddy Kane, 2Pac, Dr. Dre, Will Smith, Jay Z, and many more.

What set me apart is the fact I am not afraid to say and do what I feel. People seem to respect that. I may rap about the street life but that is because I have been there, but I always try to put a positive spin on whatever I do.


Last Man Standing (National CD Release).

There are 3 more CD's due out this summer.

I do not have streaming audio or radio airplay at this time; however, I do have downloadable content on our company web site.

Set List

My set changes slightly for each show. I try to do some of the same up-tempo songs that people have told me they like most.

My average set is 30 minutes. I have enough material to last 2 hours. I often allow my label mates a chance to shine during my shows.