RyMic The King

RyMic The King

 Katy, Texas, USA
SoloHip Hop

People do not forget RyMic The King's performances. Crowds have started their night as strangers and ended their night having learned and sang along to all of his choruses. RyMic stands out from a crowd as a bit different from the usual and has a very positive reaction from spectators.


RyMic The King is a Hip Hop performer who has performed in The Midwest,Northeast, and Southeast Regions of the US and has been heard in every Continent of the world (other than Antarctica). His image makes him stand out from others in his genre and his music makes him stand out even more. Combining a hardcore attitude with comedic antics, RyMic The King is sure to entertain a crowd and is very hard to forget after first listen.


the bad side

Written By: RyMic The King

I turned bad guy
because I'm damn tired
of being good
think twice about being nice if you want to
get on top of shit
bring on apocalypse
you gotta be mean, I've seen the nice guys get
kicked off the scene on the chase to get green
plenty times got caught in between
all these assholes racing to get advantage on me
then I saw
that they all did it,
I'm bout to take all your influence and run you right over with it
it's about to get explicit
let's not be specific, but Imma end all you shaftless dickheads
it's ridiculous!
How you seem to always be on top in life
Well, thanks to me that'll end tonight. HA!
Like a rocket, YOU cannot stop it
flow is on fire so you bet your ass it's hot, bitch!
The bad guy's supposed to be pure evil
but somehow I remain made in steel
tell me how you can hate with this bumping in your face
somehow headaches make people think that I'm not great, so
I guess that's what's up
people can't quite grasp my character
but I ain't gonna change for not even one
of these posers trying to diss on me, but who gives a fuck
I'm the kingpin!


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