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Austin, TX | Established. Jan 01, 2006 | INDIE

Austin, TX | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2006
Solo Hip Hop Hip Hop


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Pirate Utopia"

"Ryno grew up two doors down from me in what we call the Ninth Ward," recalls Pimpin' Pen. "And since K. Paul is my first cousin, he was always at my place as well. When my family moved out of the house to another part of Austin, I stuck around for a while, basically squatting in the house."

Knee-deep in a neighborhood environment of rampant drug-trafficking, the oft-truant teenagers adopted the requisite degrees of "territorial gangsterism" necessary to ensure survival. For Ryno, the tricks of street trade came naturally, as his song "Kornablock Hustla" so poignantly illustrates:

"In time, I knew I'd grow to be a hustler. My brother was a hustler, my cousin was a hustler, fuck, my mother was a hustler, generations of game running all through my veins. So subject to hit a stang from out the household I came, momma left me in the house, I ain't even know how to slang crack, but still I made a whole stack before she came back." - By Robert Gabriel "Austin Chronical"

"Ryno and Slim Gutta"

In 2007, On The Line Records help create a buzz in the hip hop rap scene that quickly spread across the nation. With the success of Ryno's debut album - They Call Me No - Ryno has quickly made a name for himself. His debut album was nominated for Southern Entertainment Awards "Best Album of the Year Indie", reached an audience as far as Japan, Belgium, Australia, France, Germany, UK, and Sweden. He was mentioned by Austin Chronicle as #2 Best Rap Texas Album of 2006 and he is now working on his follow up CD. Slim Gutta is the newest artist to On The Line Records and has quickly established himself as a young hot artist spreading across California, Atlanta, South Carolina, and Texas. His debut single - Can You Handle It - which features Ryno, has been played on numerous radio stations across the country. His debut album - Real Gutta Music - is set to be released in 2008. - SXSW2008


First of all: Introduce yourself to Germany and the world…

Ok…. They Call Me RYNO (‘No for short) and I’m hailing out of Austin Texas, live music capital of the world! I’m an affiliate of On The Line Records, an up and coming record label from Austin, Texas. Im here to officially put my city on the map!

Let’s talk about the past a little bit. Can you tell us something about your youth and your environment back then?

As a young child, I didn’t stay with my mother and father but with my aunt and uncle, who were extremely religious people. I was always in church or in some sort of church-related activity. Then when I was about in the 6th grade, I moved to East Austin with my mother. This was about as much of a different environment as I could have moved to from which I had just came. Before then, I had never stayed so near the drug-dealers and gangsters or witnessed that style of living first hand like that. I was placed in a situation where I had to grow up really fast, which meant that I was now the “man” of the house hold, so certain responsibilities had to be fulfilled by me by whatever means that it took.

What about your musical roots?

As far as musicians in the family, I would be the first – other than an auntie that once was a pianist. You know, we had the basic “choir-singers” and what not, but no one that had actually persued a career out of making music.

Lets talk about your brand new debut album “They Call Me No”. What do we have to know about this piece?

Well as you know, this is my very first project, and that’s something that I’m really proud of. As far as the content, me knowing that this is the first album I felt that I had to really let the people know who I am (hence the cd title “They Call Me ‘No). In order for me to present “me” as a whole, I had to touch on a vast variety of subjects so that “everybody” could have something to listen to. I felt as though I took the people on a journey through my life by being very descriptive in painting the words on the beats as I saw them in my mind and on the streets of Austin. There isn’t a certain mood to this album because its something like a “normal person’s life”. What I mean is that I’m not always happy yet not always depressed, I’m not always aggravated yet not always calm, you understand… This album is about as much of “me” as I could fit on the album. I feel that I bring back the roots of Texas for those that grew up in the SPC, Geto Boys, and Killa Klan era such as myself. Back then, they didnt accept “line-stealing” or borrowing beats or none of that. You actually had to have skills or they’d probably tell you to stick to your day job, feel me? I base my whole style on not particularly how they rocked the mic, but by being a voice for the people that can’t speak out like I can at the moment. Honestly, I just sat back and made a CD that I wished someone would have made. There were songs that I wanted to hear that no one was making so I made them myself! And here we have it, “They Call Me ‘No”.

What type of guy is Ryno?

I’m just a man homey. I dont look down on people for whatever their situation may be. I’m that partner that you could have that would listen to you as opposed to always having something to say, but at the same time I would give you my advice if its something that i have some knowledge on. People don’t understand that all that they’re hearing is my voice. As far as my life, I go through it just like the people that’s probably reading this article. Im not rich, nor famous, nor none of that! There are times when I wanna call it quits and give it up too. Im about as good of a man as my situation permits, feel me? When Im broke and out of pocket and I see a chance to come up on a quick-win, my brain is going to tell me probably the same thing that yours would say, understand?

For sure. So how does a regular day in your life look like?

More than likey, I’mma wake up and “have breakfast”. *laughs* I’mma have to see my lil’ one (my daughter) just so I can feel complete, and then I take it as it comes from there, somethin’ like a freestyle. I dont work a 9-5 but Im in the studio like 25/8! And now that the CD is finally done, Im somewhere promoting it with my ace Triple D. and the rest of the familia!

What has been the greatest experience in your life up to date and why?

The birth of my daughter, because I know that there was more to it then just a baby being born. I had a son once that passed away from a rare illness that hits like 1 in 500.000 newborns. It just so happened to be on Fathers Day when this occured. The doctors sat me and my girlfriend down and told us that if we wanted to have kids that it would have to be right then or there would be a great possibility that we wouldn’t be able to. We didn’t feel that we wanted another kid at that point and decided to pass on the oppurtunity. Well, a couple years later my girl gets pregnant which was a blessing in itself according to the doctors. Whats even more odd than that is that she was born a couple weeks early, ON FATHERS DAY!!!

And what about the biggest lessons you had to learn about life?

You’ve heard the phrase “life’s too short” I’m sure. Well in my lifetime I’ve learned that life isn’t short at all because we are merely “playing our parts” in it. You have to take all situations as they come and make the best of it.


That takes us back to your album – who will be featured on it?

Well, I have a couple artist from the hometeam on there such as Jimbo (Klick Tight Mafia), Killa K.I.D ( On The Line), C.A (O.T.L), Triple D(O.T.L), and my girl Shiffonet backing me up on some tracks. I also have a couple of legends on the album such as K-Rino from The S.P.C., KB Da Kidnappa (Street Military) and Kuwait (S.P.C)… Also a special mention: I have my daughter on a song with me also (“Angel”). All of the baby sounds on that track are actually my daughter, who was 1 at the time.

And where can it be purchased?

Being that we’re an independant company and all funds come from in-house, you can get it from: http://www.onthelinerecords.com or http://www.rynomusic.com if you’re connected to the net. If there’s someone that really wants it and can’t find the album anywhere, then just call the label and we will work on getting one shipped out to you, where ever you are!! We do sell wholesale prices. For people in Germany, you will be able to purchase the CD from http://www.puddah-store.de We are working on some distribution, but until them get it from us.

Tell me more about what’s going on with On The Line Records…

Actually, On The Line Records was started by Triple D. and T.T (a former O.T.L affiliate) back in 2002. Im just a little fish. As far as artist on the label we have Slim Gutta about to drop an untitled project at the beginning of ’07 along with Killa K.I.D who is also dropping in ’07. We have a christian rapper on our label as well named Madd Dogg who’s currently working on his project as well. Of course you know that I have another one in the making also. Triple D. and I are working to put an “Austin Texas” based compilation (not mixtape) out real soon also. This will feature Austin’s own hometown heros from the artist that are on it, to the production, all the way to the artwork on the cover. We are aware that there are people down here that would rather turn their focus elsewhere as opposed to utilizing what they have right at home, so we wanted to give those a chance to be exposed that wouldnt normally get it under regular circumstances. We are one of the few existing record labels in our city, so we know that we have a duty outside of just making CDs, feel me?

Who is the most important personality in ATX to you as far as putting the town on the map?

There are a lot of likely candidates but I honestly feel that it would be myself and the On The Line Camp only because we are one of the few organizations in the city that already have the ball rolling. There’s Basswood Lane and the entire Carnival Beats Camp, V.I.P, Da New Kid, Public Offenders, What It Dew Family and many many more that are ready to be unvailed so out of the so many prospects, one of us is bound to take the city by storm!

What do you think of rap today?

Since you had to ask…there are only a few rappers that I actually am willing to listen to today. Like I said earlier, back in the day there was no line-stealing or beat-borrowing. Also people were actually talking about something. Nowadays you can talk about anything and people will accept it. Also the mixtape game is ridiculous because there are sooo many out there. Not only does that mean the same beats being heard over and over by different artist, but also recycled hooks and verses that the original artist used. The originality is gone. People see that something is “hot” or popular at the time and opposed to feeding off of that hype and establishing their own style, they do EXACTLY what the next man (or woman) is doing. There aren’t too many “individuals” out here because more than likely if you’re from a certain state or region, there is a certain “sound” that the project will have. Not because thats just what that region sounds like, but more because that’s what the artist in that region chooses to sound like, understand? What I mean is for example, S.U.C started that “coming down”, “poppin my trunk” type of style, so just because I’m an artist from Texas, Im not going to capitalize off of that style, but off our whole Texas swagger. There’s a difference. I just dont understand how someone that calls themselves an artist is willing to be so restricted to the music that they’d make. Me personally, I dont want someone to hear my music and be able to say “oh yeah, he’s from Texas” other than the fact that I’m yelling Texas on the song. Picasso didnt just paint portraits, feel me?

100% – are there any artists you would like to do a record with?

I used to have dreams of recording with K-Rino and KB and that dream came true. I wish thatIi could work with Pharoah and Lil Flea of Street Military, also Z-RO of the S.U.C. As far as the mainstream goes Jadakiss, LYFE, Erykah Badu, T.I. and lil Wayne just to name a few.There are many more but I’d take up this whole page if I were to name them all.

We’re already at the end of this interview. Time to drop some final words to the readers in Germany and all over the world!

All that I wanna say is I know that right now the south is probably putting a bitter-sweet taste in your mouth as far as what_s out and what’s on the radio. If you know like I know, then you know that everything revolves in a circle, and if you remember how hard the south hit you when we first presented itself then you know what to expect. All of that “a-b-c” rhyming thats going on is about to come to an abrupt hault! We’re bring back the days of when you had to have skills on the microphone. I feel as though the rap game is sort of like the NBA: it’s for the best of the best! Right now ya’ll are only witnessing the jr. varsity play. Stick around for the feature presentation of the south. Make sure you come see what all that be and pick up that new “They Call Me ‘No” - UGrap


Still working on that hot first release.



Ryan Roberson, aka Ryno, started working on music with a group called Monsta Ent. with band mates Gerald G. and Slim Gutta, aka Real Gutta Music in 2001. He then branched off and started working with producer Triple D. at On The Line Records Studios where he then dropped his freshman album, "They Call Me 'No" in 2006. The album was regarded as one of the most well rounded albums put together out of Austin at that time. Since then Ryno has completed his sophomore album that he would like to debut during SXSW in his native city of Austin, Texas.