Rythm Infinit & Missile

Rythm Infinit & Missile

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Good vibes party deejay Missile and the lovely Rythm Infinit bring you their latest show, and it’s HOT! Fresh sounds....dancehall booty bassline dub elect-hop beats with samples n cuts, layered with spontaneous beatbox jams and smooth witty rhythms and rhymes.


Rythm Infinit (mc, beatboxer & vocalist) and Missile (Dj, producer & samplist) have been scorching stages on the local circuit for just over two years now. They have proved to be a popular act at venues and festivals around Perth. A Rythm Infinit and Missile show will have you gyrating your hips to solid beats, laughing at humourous lyrical content, and generally tingling all over from the creative energy. Their hot party vibe always leaves the crowd wanting more.

Riveting, exciting and inspiring, Rythm Infinit and Missile, in dynamic collaboration, are an uplifting experience to behold. The two have thrilled and delighted audiences across Australia by combining their myriad of talents to create a unique and vibrant sound that is dancehall/electonically influenced and hip hop heavy. They began jamming together in 2005, when they were both involved in running an infamous, local hip hop night in North Freo.

Recently, their live show and EP have received much praise, with a sold out launch party at Mojo’s Bar (Perth), followed by headlining shows at The Beach Road Hotel in Bondi, (Elefant Traks monthly residency) and at The Laundry in Fitzroy, (‘Pressure Drop’). The success of these shows lead to two support shows for The Herd’s Perth leg of their Australian tour. In addition to this, they have played at The Festival of the Voice, Southbound Festival, Fairbridge Festival and travelling SoCo Cargo. They have supported many national and International acts including Junior Reid(Jamaica), Busdriver(USA), The Tongue, Astronomy Class, Natty Sistren, Elf Tranzporter, Curse ov dialect, Dexta and Grrrlla Steps and Foreign Heights. Summer 2009 has already included massive Rottnest Hotel New Years Eve Party & monthly HUSSLE HUSSLE party’s, Cut & Paste Launch and International support for The Bug & Worrior Queen.

Rythm Infinit began her hip hop career in 2003 when she joined a capella hip hop outfit ‘Micadelic’ as a beatboxer. During her couple of years with this trio she performed at Breakfest, Big Day Out, Woodford Folk Festival and Fairbridge. She supported acts such as D12, Joel Turner and Dj CashMoney and hosted several workshops on ‘music of the mouth’. Now, her abilities have expanded to include being able to spit a hundred words a minute and sing honied hooks. Thoughtful, provocative and blessed with a fantastic vocabulary, Rythm Infinit’s style enthralls and delights those who witness her on the mic. Recently Meng Jones (Rythm Infinit) recorded with The John Butler Trio. Her beatboxing appears in the track ‘Daniella,’ on their hugely successful album ‘Grand National’.

Missile has been spinning tunes for well over a decade now, managing to continuously push the boundaries of broken beat music. As diverse as she is creative, her musical loves include hip hop, reggae, ragga breaks and dubstep. Although Missile often keeps herself busy behind the decks with her MPC sampler and cut records, her performance gives an energy that lifts the people and brings the fun time party vibes. Missile is a sort after solo deejay, with a monthly residency at the Flying Scotsman, a regular feature at Mojo’s and numerous cameo appearances.

In partnership, Rythm Infinit and Missile bring the freshest ragga infused hip hop, the likes of which will guaranteed make you want to dance.

contact details:

Email: amywiltshire1@hotmail.com
Phone (from within Oz): 0439 893 890
Phone (from outside Oz): +61 439 893 890


01 Rythm Infinit
02 Bustid
03 Is It True?
04 Summatime
05 Musik Tek

Set List

Dj Missile & Rythm Infinit are flexible with the length of their show, where a full set typically runs for 45mins - 1hour. Missile's dj skills bring a huge flexibility to their show, as the deejay element enables them to create smooth transitions between performances when needed, otherwise they just drop it, showcase extraordinaire party style.