Ryver Road

Ryver Road


Kick-ass, in-your-face, no-bullshit, hard rock. Take Metallica, Alice In Chains, and Faith No More and put them in a barfight. The end result is Ryver Road.


We started out as any normal band does, but we don't want to try to sound like anyone else out there. We love rock, and we just want to bring back that raw energy that rock is lacking right now. We have signed a deal with JAB Records and are working our asses off to get out there and be heard.


Be My

Written By: Ryver Road

Oh can you see the light that shows us where to go, as the rain falls down like the blood on my soul, spill the beans of feeling oh for you to see the light shut-up, break loose, set free, be my and save me

For my soul has been scarred, for my reality, darkness remains, the heart of my own kind, sweetly souring, for my reality, poetry remains, will you be my


Be My-single to be released very soon.

Set List

We can play for hours with our originals and even longer with our covers.