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Los Angeles, CA | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF

Los Angeles, CA | SELF
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Pop R&B




"RYWOLF - "Like You""

If sports cars were powered by bass-lines then “Like You” would be a dayglo Lambo with exhaust pipes kicking out confetti and a disco ball hanging from the rearview. But you wouldn’t be allowed inside because there would be a sock hanging off the door handle and those tinted windows working double duty. - The Burning Ear


We have been jamming to funk-pop duo RYWOLF since their EP Rocket Pop broke through the speakers and took us captive with their melodic hooks and sweaty beats. We teamed up with celebrity photographer Angelo Kritikos and hit the tennis courts for their debut fashion editorial. - LADYGUNN

"“Won’t Tell No One” by RYWOLF"

RYWOLF returns by leaking another single, “Won’t Tell No One,” off their debut EP Rocket Pop. Inspired by underage drinking and forbidden attraction of summer yore, the neo-funk pop duo claims the track is a pure party jam of “’80s glam pop” meeting “millennial R&B.” And damn they’re right. - Free Bike Valet

"mxdwn PREMIERE: RYWOLF Release New Song “Won’t Tell No One”"

Infectious grooves and a slick pop hook define RYWOLF’s latest single, “Won’t Tell No One.” Check out the world premiere of this song right here on mxdwn.

Hailing from Venice Beach, RYWOLF have an electronic backbone, with soul-infused overtones. The duo is set to release their latest EP, Rocket Pop, this year. The album features collaborations from Steve Diamond and Guy Roche on five songs, including their latest single “Won’t Tell No One.”

RYWOLF members Zach Palmer and Chrys Ryan are the brains behind the group. They describe their sound as “a funk-infused, soul-laced debut EP of dance jams, anthems of hazy nights and sweat-soaked hair.”

Their newest song opens with a crisp, upbeat drum track before breaking into intense vocals. “Won’t Tell No One” doesn’t wait for you to catch up with it. The song screams out the gate and carries you along with its bouncing rhythm and soulful, sweet verses. Just when the track reaches its peak, it backs off the gas pedal for the line, “All our friends, they don’t need to know.” When he sings, “No one needs to know that I got ya,” the song erupts again into its simple, driving dance hook. With drum tracks, guitars and synths playing equal roles in “Won’t Tell No One,” RYWOLF combine the worlds of funk rock, modern pop and classic R&B. - mxdwn


Still working on that hot first release.



When Zach Palmer and Chrys Ryan started writing and playing music together, their shared interest in ‘70s funk, soul and R&B and ‘80s and ‘90s dance music was clear.   And when the young duo met producers Guy Roche and Steve Diamond, they knew right away they wanted to work together.  After all, Roche was the force behind hits for Christina Aguilera, Brandy, Selena, and numerous others.  Diamond had worked with a diverse range of artists,from Eric Clapton and Jon Bon Jovi to the Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears.  Who better to work with the young duo on music that found inspiration in the ‘80s and ‘90s?The result of their cross-generational collaboration is “Rocket Pop,” a funk-infused, soul-laced debut EP of dance jams, anthems of hazy nights and sweat-soaked hair.  Palmer and Ryan’s creamy voices blend and weave through complex harmonies and addictive hooks in effortlessly catchy songs that demand dancing.  But just
beneath the beats and old-school pop-inspired sunshine of this Venice,
California-based band is something shadowy and modern, from tensions of the
West Coast’s drought in “Bottle Rocket” to isolation in “Like You” (“I wanted
to be like you/I wanted you to like me.”) Still, though trouble is never very far away, and unrest is still present, RYWOLF’s “Rocket Pop” is willing, always, to believe that a good time is waiting somewhere nearby.

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