Ryzen Tha Reapa

Ryzen Tha Reapa

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Ryzen is a Soulja from tha midwest that uses word play and deep metaphores to stress and get his point across through music. He has several ways of using his unique style and it is all for the glory Of God


Ryzen’s Bio

As a young thugg Ryzen was involved in heavy drug dealing and violence. He was facing 2 to 4 years in Prison when he invited Christ in his life. He has always had a strong drive and desire to rap and to be involved in Hip Hop. Now he has the lord and is doing big things in Jesus name. Hedoes concerts and performances in his own town and other places around him. He also performs at schools and children homes ministering the change that took place in his life, and should take place in every ones life that wants more from life itself. Ryzen has his music in a number of stores in Colorado Springs He is well known in the streets, Ryzen is devoted to the ministry of christ through hiphop. He is maturing as an artist every time he gets behind the booth. His Father died on his 16th birthday Which led Ryzen into drugs and more violence which is expressed in his music, and it is appreciated by listeners. Ryzen Is now performing across Colorado And attending festivals & confrences to further his Career of ministering through hip hop. his music is on a number of internet radio staions including altared live crunk radio and urban unction. For Pastoral Referances Please contact


Verbal fire LP, songs On radio - He lies, 12 Round, Keep on, are played on raio staions including 2 live
urban unction, altared lives, crunk radio, and urban worship. Lyrical H20 set to release on August 26th, 2008 with hit songs like Fist In The Air, No Games, Shotgun, The Strap, and still in the streets. Fist In The Air is the first single from my sophmore album and will be serveiced to radio stations nationwide.

Set List

3-5 songs a hype segment, ministering, all that can go anywher from 15 min- 1hour set I can do more or less than five songs any time