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Promoters!!! If you like the global appeal of the Black Eyed Peas, the in your face energy of Busta, the swagger of Andre 3000, the lyricism of Jay-Z & Lupe Fiasco, the sexy fun and feel good of Pretty Ricky simply great music and over the top perfomances GIVE S1 A LOOK! A TRULY UNIQUE EXPERIENCE!


Biography the evolution

The evolution of any group of successful young talented men usually comes with an interesting and compelling story. The S1 story is an evolutionary and transitional tale that will spark future controversy while luring the curious minded into a never ending docudrama with sequel after sequel, and their story hasn’t even been written yet. Over the last 4 years S1 has electrified thousand’s of screaming fans, touring nationally with the Black College Expo and several Los Angeles area school tours including the renowned S.E.A.P. School Tour. Among their many accomplishments, S1 has been featured twice on Myspace.com’s, Featured Music Artists page, and was selected from many thousands of emerging artists, to be featured on MyCokeRewards.com and Dominos.com’s D’Tracks.

The S1 of 2008 has evolved to become arguably, the hottest new Urban Hip Hop and R&B group to appear on the music scene in some time. A hybrid anomaly, S1’s combination of ingredients just works. The chemistry between these guys is simply undeniable and their bond, unbreakable. Kjae, TraXX and Shay have one thing in common; their need to step outside the box; not for their tone or style, as much as for their ability to think beyond the boundaries of today’s commercial music.

T h e A r t i s t s the artists

Kjae, not the typical soul singer, lends his unique style of vocals to define the groups’ R&B /Pop sound. Known for his impeccable blend of harmonies, Kjae the sole vocalist and founder of S1 is the “Denzel” of the group, with a cool demeanor and sexy swagger, his sensuous vocal style has been compared to the old school MJ and the new school JT. TraXX “the goodfella” is the youngster of the group and the fun loving snapper who got jokes for everybody. TraXX’ style is heavily influenced by Ludacris and Twista but TraXX is also becoming an accomplished producer. Shay, the provocative wordsmith, is the cool, quiet one but dangerous with his lyrical style. A student of the game, Shay admires Jay-Z, and Andre 3000 the most for their lyricism and impeccable style of delivery.

T h e M u s i c their music

These days the group is in the studio working on S1’s Second Debut album titled simply “The Sound of a Feeling”. The first single, “I AM”, will grab you out of your seat in the first 5 seconds and won’t let you go. S1 fans old and new can expect the S1 album to be well worth the wait, with more heat coming including the clubber, “Do It Right”, and the sexy and sensuous “eXstacy” and “Foolin Around”. When these boys get to work they step up to the plate with superstar looks, electrifying stage presence, and lyrics that define their lives and musical vision. The trio loves to blend individual ideas together to create something “totalee yôô nék”. The cool winds seem to be blowing in the direction of Kjae, TraXX and Shay. The boys of S1 are definitely on the rise.

After more than four years, S1 believes that their journey has really just begun, their strength and determination collectively has held up against the demands of this competitive business. And by keeping with their motto, “All For S1”, this trio is destined to become a force to be reckoned with in today’s urban music industry.

January 2008

Set List

Our set list is customized to the gig. We have tons of material and a few covers. You let us know what you need and we will do our best to accomodate you. Your wouldn't know our repertoire, as it is all original music. We can provide a sample of our material if you are interested in what we have besides what is posted in the epk.