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S-1 operations

New Ulm, Minnesota, United States | INDIE

New Ulm, Minnesota, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Gothic


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos




vanessa littrill wins with S-1 operations S-15,,S-1 wins again third stright titel. - makeastar.com fuse tv


S-1 is number 1 again - makeastar.com fuse tv


S-1 operations has won the finals in band duo three times in a row for august and sept, and november with vanessa littril in female solo with S-15,she calls walk away. and is in the running again and in the finals with S-12,,beat that..S-1 is number 1 - makeastar.com fuse tv.

"The International Association of Independent Recording Artists"

the international associeation of independant artist has confirmed that S-1 operations and song S-3 has cracked the top 100 and has turned in at number 65.
DATE: 10/15/2010
ARTIST: S-1 Operations
CIN: 20100454410
Dear S-1 Operations,

The International Association of Independent Recording Artists, IAIRA, recognizes and honors artistic achievement, technical proficiency, and overall excellence in sound recording by monitoring chart activity as published in various reporting charts from around the world. According to our research, on 10/15/2010 the above referenced release; S-3, by S-1 Operations, had attained The Number 65 Position on at least one of the charts monitored and verified by IAIRA. On the basis of that research, IAIRA has qualified the aforementioned release as eligible for Certification as an International 'Top 100'.
On behalf of the entire IAIRA staff and the Recording Arts Community at large, please accept our most sincere Congratulations and Best Wishes for your continued success!

IAIRA Research Team
*For your records, the CIN (Certification Identification Number) for your release is 20100454410. Please be sure to make note of the CIN as it is your authorization code for future verification and obtaining certification documents.

IAIRA continues its rich legacy and ongoing growth as an important outlet for honoring achievements in the independent recording arts and supporting the recording arts community at large. IAIRA extensively researches various credible reporting charts and certifies the position attained by specific works. IAIRA Certifications are published in the IAIRA REPORT. IAIRA Certification is issued without regard to advertisement, political prowess, subjective interpretation, or personal opinion. ™ IAIRA is the registered trademark of The International Association of Independent Recording Artists and is protected under international trademark law. All Rights Reserved. www.iaira.com - S-1 operations S-3 hit the international charts at 65

"song of the year"

S-1 operations was awarded runner up status 4 times in 2009 for excellence..runner up status is givin to the artist that achieved the highest scores and were in the top picks thousands of entries from around the world - Song of the year


recording GUNFIGHTER S-1 operations 1st cd,due to be released in the summer of 2011.
S-1 has entered the international songwriteing competition.
S-1 has entered the john lennons songwriteing competitions.
S-1 has been awarded a certificate from the international association of independant recording artist for a top international 100 as S-3 has cracked the international charts at number 65.
S-1 has won the makeastar championship in band division for august,september and 2 wins in october..runned by fuse tv,opus and amazon.
S-1 ops has won four straight runner up awards in the song of the year championships.
S-1 has S-7 on indie radio.
S-1 has released S-5 and S-6 to fm102.3 in sommerset kentucky.



S-1 operations went operational jan 1st 2009, It's mission statement suggest knock down drag out street fighting, head to head battle of the bands.This is what this band was designed to do.Four times winner at makeastar in band duo,Four times runner up awards from song of the year and has a international top 100 on the charts, verified by the international association of independant recording artist. These blood thirsty pirates are after the prize, and the glory. In the tradition of the masters, the beatles,byrds,stones,zombies and steppenwolf , Backed up by state of the art 9th cat recording studio in New ulm Mn, This band flat out smokes. I recommend you visit S-1 operations official website at liquidaudio.org.S-1 operations brings a whole lot of fight to the field. So it's all hands to quarters.man the guns, and may the wind be in your sails, and a star to steer by.GOD speed to all of you from all of us at S-1 operations.