Somethin' 4 The Fellas (S4TF)
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Somethin' 4 The Fellas (S4TF)

El Paso, TX | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | INDIE

El Paso, TX | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2012
Band R&B A Capella




"Vanguard Indie Artists Pave the Way for Making Money in Music Industry"

Jay-Z, Beyonce, Kanye West and other prominent artists have been a huge influence on how to maximize the effectiveness of marketing and promoting their brands in the music industry. They have paved the way for cutting-edge strategies to be implemented at the artist level.

Just how Michael Jordan & Magic Johnson changed how the game of basketball is played, A-Listers, like the ones previously mentioned, have changed the landscape of the industry...and Indies are following suit!

HOUSTON & NEW YORK - March 30, 2016 - PRLog -- 9th Ward Production and Promotions Company, LLC is a record label that was founded BY Indie artists, FOR Indie artists and consisting OF only Indie artists. The flagship artists are an R&B quartet, by the name of "Somethin' 4 The Fellas" (S4TF). The financial success of this group has been absolutely unprecedented; yielding each member, on average, a 6-figure revenue in each of the past 3 years, since 2012.

As a result of their success, the ladies of S4TF have done something that is unheard of in ANY industry. They have put 100% of their 2015 earnings (nearly $500k) into building a promotions platform for subsequent Indie artists to be able to take advantage of, exclusively through 9th Ward ... and realize the same success as them!

In a promotion titled "A-List Indies", 9th Ward gives Indies the type of promotional visibility that was once only afforded to A-Listers with the backing of Major labels with huge marketing budgets. With S4TF's contribution to the project, 9th Ward has been able to develop a promotional platform that not only rivals that of emerging artists on Major labels, but in many ways exceeds them!

"We thought, at first, that the label would just roll out their mobile apps developed for artists and musicians," S4TF member Kirbie Speights explains. "However, as the project plan developed, Jay (the label manager), began to introduce opportunities that we never thought possible! We were absolutely floored and we're excited to be such a significant resource in making it happen."

The label intends to expose the features and resources of the platform as it rolls them out to the public; but we are told to expect something dynamic and "game changing."

"I believe we have recruited some of the best artists in the industry...PERIOD. Not only among Indies," states Jay Davis, founder, co-owner and managing partner of 9th Ward. "They deserve nothing less than to be presented as such."

We weren't able to reveal future plans; however, the initial promotion features mobile ads in the form of "3D Bus Wraps" on the NJ/NY cross route. The first bus features S4TF, Var Don, Courtney Santana, Jacinth Sutphin, Diemiruaye and Anna Choi. - Daily Herald (Press Release)

"Another Houston Singing Group Brings R&B/Soul Music Back to Its Roots!"

It is a rare occurrence these days, in the modern music industry, that artists are able to incorporate the true essence of the origins of the R&B/Soul music genre into contemporary styles and flavors. However, new lady sensations "S4TF" ("Somethin' 4 The Fellas") have done just that. ...and in stellar fashion! The last ladies to successfully execute this dynamic was a group you may have heard of called "Destiny's Child"! It seems that Houston, TX is a breeding ground for excellence!

PRLog - April 15, 2015 - HOUSTON -- It is difficult to imagine that one city can produce back-to-back generations of trend-setters (with real talent) in the same music genre; but it seems that Houston, TX, has the formula. And while NO group EVER will be quite like the iconic "Destiny's Child", the ladies of "Somethin' 4 The Fellas" are leaving their own unique mark in the history books of Rhythm & Blues.

In this debut project, entitled "Overindulged", the group's repertoire showcases a veritable arsenal of styles and skillsets merged into what can only be described as a true "fusion" of genres, but done in such a manner that vocal arrangement and execution are still the focal point. This is something reminiscent of the R&B/Soul wonder years where Motown was pumping out so many chart toppers that it was dubbed "Hitsville, USA"!

Although the music is created for the fans, artists and musicians from all genre's are giving great reviews.

Rome, of the legendary punk rock band "Sublime" (now known as "Sublime with Rome") stopped in the studio during mixing and mastering with Producer Jay Davis and Associate Producer/Group Member Shakara Weston and emphatically stated, "...Dope! Wow, this is REAL R&B".

Grammy-winning Mastering Engineer Marco Ramirez stated "You ladies make my job too easy! This is outstanding!"

Southern Soul Music icon and living legend, Johnny Rawls, told the ladies "You all have something REALLY special. Don't change what you are doing; this is what the genre needs...I don't know what I was expecting before I heard you young ladies sing, but I am pleasantly surprised. This is GREAT music!"

The music even captured the attention of legendary musicians who asked to contribute to the tracks' post-recording/production (i.e., David Garza and John McGhee). And although they were subsequently compensated by Executive Producer and Group Member, Janelle (Sly) Thompson, out of respect and deep appreciation, the offers were made to contribute "gratis".

The majority of the album was produced by songwriter, and the founder of the independent record label "9th Ward", Mr. Jay Davis, who had this to say about the ladies and the album:

"The best thing about this group is the fact that they are talented and totally committed to the art and craft of musicianship for the sake of fulfilling the desires of their listeners. In fact, they and I have come up with a strategy that will allow fans to obtain ALL of their music absolutely free of charge (in .mp3 and .wav formats). We may have even figured a way to even distribute CD's and DVDs to fans in certain geographical areas totally free of charge! I was almost forced into producing this album and contributing several songs that I wrote as well, because the ladies kept running into producers who would not live up to what they promised. I'm kind of glad that things didn't work out with those other guys, because this may be the project that puts me on the map as an artist as well. I couldn't have dreamt of a better project to be a part of! These ladies are amazing!"

With all that being said, do NOT expect to hear a myriad of high velocity riffs and runs and vocal acrobatics. Although they are more than capable, these ladies are focused primarily on the subtleties that the old school R&B artists took pride in. What you WILL hear is a wide range of vocal techniques and captivating arrangements with resonant and meaningful harmonic structures. ...and lyrical prowess! WOW! ...the lyrical prowess!

Jay tells us, "There was a lot of time put upfront into simply writing and arranging...before any actual performance-type execution took place. That is what I really appreciate about this project and these ladies. From the foundation to the last stone, each aspect of the process was taken with extreme and deliberate care in regards to the artistic aspects of making music"

Right now, you can hear their very first single, "Sinful Taboo", on SoundCloud, as well as a fresh new take on Aaliyah's "4 Page Letter".

The group will also be launching a mobile app for Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad) that is expected to be available in late May, 2015. - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Press Release)


After All This Time - 12/16/2017 (Single)

Hurts So Good - 01/06/2017  (Single)

Drown - 03/28/2016 (Single)

Sexual Narcotic - 04/16/2015 (Single)

Sinful Taboo - 03/15/2015 (Single)

4 Page Letter - 03/02/2015 (Single)



Somethin 4 The Fellas (S4TF) is a nationally touring R&B singing group that was formed in Houston, TX.  They have been performing together since 2012 and have amassed a strong following in some of the largest metro-areas in the United States including: Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, NYC, Chicago and Miami.  They also have strong following in many "B" markets throughout the country.

With the focus being on performances (vice recording), these ladies are most known for their success as indie artists as a result of their superior fan engagement.  Affording them an average annual revenue of over $445k/year since 2014.  S4TF is built to sell out small to medium venues while delivering an intimate experience that keeps audiences coming back for more.

They have been featured in the soundtrack for Shaquille O'neal's newest video game "Shaq-Fu: A Legend Reborn" as well as the award winning independent film "Diary of A Badman".  They were also selected to be the featured artist on a mobile billboard (NJ Transit Bus) on Times Square from 2014 to 2015.

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