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Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Boston, Massachusetts, United States
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We call ourselves 'Sa'. This is because in the Indian Music Scale, 'Sa' is the first and last note without which there is no beginning or end to music, it is the very origin which is what the other notes are based on, without which music would cease to exist. Similar to the 'Do' in Western Music.

With 'Sa' we hope to combine flavors from the East and the West, keeping true to the creator Shilpa Ananth's true roots, as well as the influences of what she enjoys in the present. With a splash of Erykah Badu and James Blake, and a whole of Robert Glasper and A.R.Rahman, we hope to create a 3 dimensional aspect to listening to different genres, and open your ears to something unheard of.

Shilpa's childhood was about Indian music, dance and culture. About conforming to the mold that every Indian girl is made to go through, by the high expectations of society, grandparents, and of course parents.
Whether it be going to classical music lessons and trying to belt high aalaps at the age of 3, singing religious bhajans at the Spiritual Community Center, or being able to cook the core dishes of South Indian cooking by age 9, she had done it all. At least she thought so.
By the time she turned 13, and was made aware of music outside her world by her older brother, she realized that she had fallen in love, with a different world of music! One that was simple, yet challenging, lyrical and passionate, and all she wanted was to sing her heart out, in English, to the bemusement of those around her.

Slowly, Shilpa began singing in school choirs, musicals, competitions and every time she won a prize, she dreamed how wonderful it would be if she could just sing for a living, and sing until she could no more.
So when it was finally time, there was no doubt on her mind what her next step was going to be.
Of course the path to success is never easy, and such was hers (almost fairytale like) with arguments, sacrifices, an almost arranged marriage proposal, and many many tears.

While pursuing her Degree at Berklee, and balancing the many challenges and duties that go along with being a student, and a performer, she had a Eureka moment, and knew that 'Sa' was going to happen, whether she was ready or not.

She had performed in several groups and ensembles around campus, featured alongside celebrity guest artists, and built a strong repertoire of music, contacts, and supporters through her first two years of school, then during her final year, she started to direct all her effort into breaking away and finding her own voice, and putting to test the reason that motivated her to come to America in the first place.
Slowly, Shilpa started performing with different musicians, feeling their energy out, understanding the purpose a little better with each success and each mistake.

Now, as a group 'Sa' continues to experiment with the instrumentation, featuring different sounds, playing with the vibe that we create, so that we stay dynamic and get better with each experience. 
'Sa' is a journey, an exploration, so a path has been chosen on which we continue to move forward, and meet a lot of people on the way, whom we hope to inspire through our melodies.

The time is now. This. Is. It

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