Saad Ayub

Saad Ayub


I am an aspiring trance dj / music producer based here in Toronto, Canada. It would be great if you please go through my details and give a listen to my tracks and mixes.


Saad Ayub is a Progressive & Trance DJ / Producer based in Toronto, Canada. He creates the distinctive sound which makes him undeniably one of the most talented musician in the music scenes today. He will throw down the most electrifying, Pulsating Progressive and Uplifting Trance Beats that will make you go euphoric and dance till the bassdrops !

Global experience of more than 5 years in this industry , he was blessed to be the resident for Ministry of Sound UK's (#1 dance brand in UK) World Tours in Bangladesh.

His Confidence keeps him in control of that groove he has so quintessentially captured as a performer. With high energy stage performance and unbelievable talent to match, you'll be sure to love Saad Ayub !


Cerf, Jaren, Mitiskta - Give me a sound (Saad Ayub Peak time remix)
Paw Luk - Love is (Saad Ayub Remix)
Sunlounger ft. Zara Taylor - Try to be Love (Saad Ayub NSG Remix)
Michael Angelo ft. Danny Claire - Test Drive (Saad Ayub Remix)
Gaia - Aisha (Saad Ayub Remix) -
Saad Ayub - Trance United -
Saad Ayub - Cascade -
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