Saaga Ensemble

Saaga Ensemble

 Helsinki, Central Finland, FIN

Saaga Ensemble has charmed the crowds with unique style of music, rooted in the tradition of folk music. Their heartfelt compositions offer an atmosphere from tender warmth to raw power. The Ensemble's exceptional take on instruments with strong emphasis on vocal harmonies truly sets them apart.


Saaga Ensemble is a brand new super group, whose sound is determined by unique instrumentation and personality. Songs composed with passion are enchantingly powerful, energetic and multilayered. The ensemble’s music is described as power folk and new country. The members are all well-known professionals forming a strong and seamless group of which mutual dynamics is easy to hear.

The ensemble’s music is mainly by Soila Sariola, a member of the world-famous six voice a cappella group Rajaton, although all the members are strongly involved in composing, writing and arranging songs. Each of them brings their individual craftsmanship to the process, powerfully influenced by rhythms and tones of Finnish folk poetry.

Intuition is to be trusted, because in this ensemble, the music travels its own path.


Polku (album, to be released April 26th, 2012)

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