Austin, Texas, USA

Jewish music rocks! Sababa! (cool) is known as the "Crosby, Stills & Nash" of Jewish music - amazing harmonies, stellar musicianship, accessible, singable, danceable music in Hebrew and English. Great for festivals, synagogues, churches - concert halls and all events. Acoustic or electric!


Sababa (“cool” in Arabic/Israeli vernacular) is Steve Brodsky (Denver) Scott Leader (Phoenix) and Robbi Sherwin (Austin). Brodsky, formerly of the acclaimed band, Mah Tovu, has acquired the nickname of the “Jewish James Taylor. ” Steve is one of the premiere singer/songwriters of this generation and is known for his honey-smooth voice and guitar skills. Leader’s piano and guitar prowess and accessible melodies have given him great attention in Jewish music world. He is also an extraordinarily talented music producer, and runs Southwest Sound Works, a state-of-the-art recording studio in Phoenix. Sherwin’s legendary energy and ability to sing harmony anywhere, anytime has brought her and her music around the globe. Sherwin enjoys the Rocky Mountain chai of being the Spiritual Leader of Congregation B’nai Butte in Crested Butte, Colorado, (singing at 9,500 feet does have its challenges, though!) and is in high demand as an artist-in-residence around the country. All three are also professional Jewish educators, cantor and cantorial soloists and award-winning songwriters. Sababa! has been touted as a Jewish “supergroup,” and they travel extensively bringing their “spirited Jewish songcrafting” to shuls & schools, camps & churches, festivals and life-cycle events, JCCs and concert halls. Their first CD, Pray for the Peace (2007) debuted to amazing reviews and they are hard at work on their second release.


Sababa!: Pray for the Peace (2007)
Steve Brodsky (w/Mah Tovu): Only This (1996); Pharoah, Pharoah (1998); Turn It (2001); Days of Wonder (2001); Day of Days (2003)
Scott Leader: Lift My Eyes (2003); Gates (2005)
Robbi Sherwin: Todah LaChem (thanks, y'all!) 2000; Aish Hakodesh (the Holy Fire) 2005

Set List

Love Adonai
Lo Alecha
Birchot Shalom
Medley: Or Zarua, Hallelu, Salaam, etc.
Haporeis Sukkat Shalom
Pray for the Peace
L’cha Dodi
Psalm 150
Hu Ya'aseh