Saba Saba

Saba Saba

 Los Angeles, California, USA
BandHip HopWorld

Energy-filled, socially conscious hip hop sung in Luganda, the national language of Uganda, and known as Lugaflow. Addictive beats, raw energy


Saba Saba
Ugandan hip hop artist & cultural activist

Saba Saba, Ugandan hip hop artist and cultural activist, has been performing since 1994. Performing as Krazy Native he began as a founding member of the Bataka Squad, a Ugandan hip hop group that originated the use of the Luganda language in hip hop music, called Lugaflow. Saba Saba established himself as a solo artist with the 2005 release of Tujja-Babya, a song on his album by the same name. Tujja-babya, meaning to breakthrough in Luganda, earned him a nomination for best hip hop artist and song in the 2006 Pearl of Africa Music Awards. His music addresses daily struggles and triumphs of African life, while honoring his African culture through the use of his native language and musical references to traditional music and drumming. He co-founded the Ugandan Hip Hop Foundation and since 2003 has organized a yearly hip hop summit in Kampala Uganda.

Saba Saba has been a guest artist and speaker at numerous events in Africa and the United States representing Uganda through his music and lectures on African culture and music. Highlights include his 2005 participation as a Ugandan representative at the UN’s first African Global Hip Hop Summit in Johannesburg, South Africa, his 2007 performance alongside Michael Franti and a crowd of 70,000 at the Power to the Peaceful festival in San Francisco and most recently in March 2008 he performed and served as a panelist for Harvard University’s Conference “African Youth Development through Art and Technology – The Role of African Hip Hop.”

His current music projects include a solo album titled “Cup of Coffee” and a collaboration with the internationally recognized artist DJ Spooky.

Musical Chronology:
1994 - Co-founded the Bataka Squad
2003 - Founder, Uganda Hip-Hop Foundation
2004 - Delegate of the Uganda Hip Hop Foundation at the ‘Rock against Aids’ concert in Nairobi, Kenya
2005 - Nominated for the Pearl of Africa Music Awards best hip hop artist & best hip hop song, “Tujja-Babya”. Filmed first music video “Tujja-Babya” in the slums of Kisenyi, first hip-hop video of its kind to show the reality of life in Kampala’s slums.
2006 – Featured in the documentary Diamonds in the Rough: A Ugandan Hip Hop Revolution.
2006 - Ugandan representative to the Trinity College First Annual International Hip Hop Festival, Hartford, CT.
2006 - Performed and lectured at Syracuse University’s Amnesty International Benefit Concert for Sudan.
2006 - Performed at the Nomadic Wax East African Benefit Concert in Prospect Park, Brooklyn.
2007 – Representative of the Ugandan youth organization, Bavubaka at the Clinton Foundation Benefit.
2007 - Performed with Michael Franti at the Power to the Peaceful concert in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park.
2007 - Organized and performed at the Hip-Hop Summit in Kampala, UG,
2008 - guest speaker for premiere of “Diamonds in the Rough” at the Pan African Film Festival, Los Angeles, CA.
2008 – Panelist and performer at Harvard University’s Conference “African Youth Development through Art and Technology – The Role of African Hip Hop.”
2010 – Released single and video, “Harambe”
2010 – Performer, African Soundstage, The African Channel.
2011 - Completing next solo album, “Cup of Coffee with...”

General Info


wansi wagulu

Written By: Alex Kirya /Tujjababya productions

wansi wagulu


2003 - Tujababya The Hardway
2006 - Bataka Revolution
2007 - Wild Sound Documetary
2008 - Bulaaya Bataka Second album
2009 - Diamonds In The Rough Documetary
2010 - Harambe single out
2010 - Unpluged: Sound Stage African Channel
2011 - Cup Of Koffee With Idi Amin

Cup Of Coffee With.........,

Obwavu Kondo,


Set List

Tujababya 5 mins
Wansi Waglu 5 mins
Obwavu kondo
Lwaki 5 mins