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"Memoirs Of Da Hardcore Album Review"

Artist: Sabotawj (yo Style)
Album: Memoirs of the Hardcore
Label: Rhymeside Records

Sabotawj (yo Style) is one of those emcees that keep it straight underground, but still somehow manages to have that appeal ready for the CD players of the mainstream. His music combines lyrics within the underground confounds with a little mix of the anger found on the gangster-est of the gangsta albums.

The styles found on each song switch up track-to-track. From fast paced Outkast-meets-Csteroc styled songs like Elevation, to more kick-back flows like H.A.H., Sabotwaj shows that he can flip it on whatever instrumental you flip him. Is the versatility there? Definitely.

Throughout Memoirs of the Hardcore, Sabotawj keeps it straight about being an Asian-American rapper. Listening to the lyrical content, which the CD can be most noted for, you won't hear too many references to his Filipino ethnicity.

The production on Memoirs of the Hardcore come clean like a fresh haircut with nice beats and hooks on almost every song, except one or two exceptions. Beats-wise, production is done without too many exceptional hits, but all above average and completely original.

It's nice to note that no two songs on Memoirs of the Hardcore sound anything alike. But on the flip side, some of these songs are so wildly different that you might not even recognize that these songs are all coming from the same artist.

Standout tracks are apparent. On Slanted Eyes, he slows down his pace considerably over an oriental instrumental with FAT bass. Unlike the other in-your-face tracks, Sabotawj shows a softer side talking about that one special girl "never say goodbye, my slanted eye, always hold me down, always by my side, my slanted eye keep me hot.." This song one was definitely made for the ladies, and has mainstream appeal written all over it.

On Imperial, Sabotawj shows a rougher side, taking a direct approach at throwing out the anger that rap music helps emcee release so well. Sabotawj kicks one of the hardest verses on the CD's. Instead of focusing on the lovey-dubby feelings of Slanted Eyes, he brings out the luggage with lines like:"I be that Asian motherfucker you can't stand to see at your function!.. "swinging my battle-axe, disrespectin Imperial, now we can't be having that.. cause you stepped into the mainstream, and can't paddle back".

Memoirs of the Hardcore is definitely a lyrically-driven album. It's a prime example of what happens when you have a chance to release an album independently, without any pressure from the big-wig execs. Sabotawj spits it straight, influenced by nobody but himself.

Music Vibes: 4 of 5
Lyric Vibes: 4.5 of 5
TOTAL Vibes: 4.25 of 5 -

"Various Quotes from Press"

"Unmatchable rhyme style and flawless delivery...sit back and listen" - All City Inc

"Sabotawj is a great emcee, you should definitely check him out!" - Raw (uk)

"It's Obvious the man has put in some work..." - Hip Hop Canada

"Don't sleep on this true, modern day Hip Hop Da Vinci.." - Import Culture

"Fresh stuff from the SD Underground" - Apartment

- Various

"Key 2 Da City mixtape review"

"Key 2 Da City Da Mixtape"

Bringing the true essence of Hip Hop to your speakers this 26 track mixtape released to promote the album "Key 2 Da City" is nothing short of nice. Sabotawjyostyle has grown lyrically and in way of delivery since I first heard him way back when rawroots was in it's early days and having liked him since then, I highly rate him as an good artist having heard this mixtape.

"Key 2 Da City Mixtape" is Sabotawj brining back that originallity in Hip Hop, the sounds are pure classic underground with beats from the past and heavily sampled tracks that keep your head nodding throughout, lyrically the mixtape is on top form as well with some heavy collabs from some great independent artists, this does not come across as a quickly strung together release filled with crap lyrics.
From start to finish this is a mixtape to bump, even though it's a little old now it's more than worth the free download we have for you. Mike S and S. Kalibre appear for the UK bringing some international flavour to the cause and S. Kalibre delivers a punch whilst speaking at the end of his and Sabotawjs track which sums up this release and Sabotawjs vision to where his music is heading "This aint UK Hip Hop, This aint West Coast Hip Hop this is Real Hip Hop".

The San Diego based artist has something here that the majority of you will enjoy, with production, mixing and scratching and lyrical delivery you will not be dissapointed and again did I mention it's a free download?
Sabotawjyostyle is an artist that is more than capable of carving out some classic material, make sue you check this mixtape, go out and buy the album and support Sabotawj and Rhymesidaz.

- Raw (uk)


The Discography of Sabotawj

D.R.O.P.- Rhymeside Lp
Figure$- Rhymeside Lp
Bring It- Rhymeside Lp
Lifted ft. Evolution- Rhymeside Lp
Diego ft. Que.P, Kali Smoov- Rhymeside Lp
Know About It- Rhymeside Lp
Gets Down- Rhymeside Lp
Just A Rhyme ft. KD Bolo, Koup D- Rhymeside Lp
Till I Die- Rhymeside Lp
Rollin- Rhymeside Lp
Stormin ft. KD Bolo- Rhymeside Lp
Nickel Plated- Rhymeside Lp
Hop Up On Dat ft. Que.P, Kali Smoov, Koup D- Rhymeside Lp
Cypha ft. Treezon, Koup D- Rhymeside Lp
You Ain't Ready ft. Tashi- Rhymeside Lp
One Times ft. KD Bolo, Koup D- Rhymeside Lp

Sabotage- Memoirs Of Da Hardcore Lp
Dats Dat Shit- Memoirs Of Da Hardcore Lp
Smoke Till...ft. Con- Memoirs Of Da Hardcore Lp
Slanted Eyes- Memoirs Of Da Hardcore Lp
Livin It- Memoirs Of Da Hardcore Lp
Elevation ft. Nick Faulty, Tashi- Memoirs Of Da Hardcore Lp
Da Tribute- Memoirs Of Da Hardcore Lp
Saturate Da Undaground ft. Orko, Odessa Kane- Memoirs Of Da Hardcore Lp
Poppin ft. Koup D, Al Styles- Memoirs Of Da Hardcore Lp
619 Ways- Memoirs Of Da Hardcore Lp
Kali Days- Memoirs Of Da Hardcore Lp
One Times Pt II- Memoirs Of Da Hardcore Lp
Get It- Memoirs Of Da Hardcore Lp
Pianos & Violence ft. Fudge Dog, Adonis- Memoirs Of Da Hardcore Lp
Jiggalo ft. Que.P, Koup D- Memoirs Of Da Hardcore Lp
H.A.H.- Memoirs Of Da Hardcore Lp
Imperial- Memoirs Of Da Hardcore Lp
Hittin Skirtz- Memoirs Of Da Hardcore Lp
Blessed Bliss- Memoirs Of Da Hardcore Lp
My Peoples- Raw Roots Mixtape Vol I (UK)
Regula Doo- EDI Promotions Mixtape (UK)
Politics n Bullshit ft. Zee-o, Nick Faulty, Emcee Intangible- Rhymeside Sampler Vol. I
Ain't No Need To Front ft. Nick Faulty- Rhymeside Sampler Vol. I
Scripts Of Fury- Rhymeside Sampler Vol. I
Out Dey Mind- Spiral Bibles & Street Scriptures
Got Me ft. Zee-o, Nick Faulty- Spiral Bibles & Street Scriptures
Get Yo Tickets Now ft. Nick Faulty, Zee-o- Spiral Bibles & Street Scriptures
All Da Lies My Teacher Told Me ft. Zee-o, Nick Faulty- Spiral Bibles & StreetScriptures
Various Songs Da Community College Dropout Mixtape

Legend Of A Legend In Yo Hood Lp
Homicidal Vinyl In Yo Hood Lp
Potluck ft Kadeve, Deciet In Yo Hood Lp
Where U At? In Yo Hood Lp
Rushin Roulette In Yo Hood Lp
In Yo Hood In Yo Hood Lp
Pillows In Yo Hood Lp
RHYME In Yo Hood Lp
Rollin In Yo Hood Lp
However U Feel In Yo Hood Lp
Mary Janes Addiction In Yo Hood Lp
Hip Hop 101 In Yo Hood Lp
Background In Yo Hood Lp
Me Ready featuring Smoke In Yo Hood Lp
It's Dat Time Again Y'all In Yo Hood Lp
Drama ft. Zee-o, Nick Faulty In Yo Hood Lp
Illipino ft. Emcee Intangible In Yo Hood Lp

Various Songs Key 2 Da City Mixtape
Heaterz, Round for Round Amadeus- Check My Style Lp
Various Songs Faulty- Da Bar Tab Ep

Intro - Key 2 Da City Lp
Two Blunts - Key 2 Da City Lp
Peoples - Key 2 Da City Lp
Goin - Key 2 Da City Lp
Uh Uh - Key 2 Da City Lp
Five Deep - Key 2 Da City Lp
Fell For U ft. Masia One - Key 2 Da City Lp
Came To GEt It Crackin ft. C- Hecc - Key 2 Da City Lp
Ain't No Punks - Key 2 Da City Lp
SD 2 EPA ft. Young Black - Key 2 Da City Lp
I Don't Know - Key 2 Da City Lp
Uncontrollable Rhymeside - Key 2 Da City Lp
Goin Down Tonight - Key 2 Da City Lp
Whatever U Like - Key 2 Da City Lp
Rhymeside Vibe ft. Kadeve - Key 2 Da City Lp
Babylon - Key 2 Da City Lp
We Still Miss You ft. Olivia Odette - Key 2 Da City Lp
Thinkin Out Loud - Disorderly Conduct Lp
Straight Spittin ft Masia One - Disorderly Conduct Lp
Five Deep remix ft Kazu - Disorderly Conduct Lp
Walk Thru The Storm with Dom Pachino, Napoleon - Disorderly Conduct Lp

Sabotawj has also hosted Uncontrollable's E.D.E. mixtape vol 1, and Q.P.'s 112 gramz mixtape, also appearing on both as an artist.



Sabotawj was born in San Diego, California and raised in the Southeast section of the city, as well as spending several years in Japan. Sabotawj released his first Lp in 2000 titled "Rhymeside". The cd introduced the hip hop world to Sabotawj and his Rhymeside Family. The record allowed him to be invited to perform at the Pearl of the Gulf Festival in Bahrain in 2001 by Prince Khalifa Al Khalifa where he along with fellow Rhymesiders Faulty, and Tashi Numbaone rocked two back to back three hour sets over the span of two days. Being the last act to hit the island Sabotawj headlined the shows as the last musical act to hit the Festival (previous nights included local acts and Spice Girl "sporty spice"), and was praised as the best show of the Festival. Featured in Bahrain's local newspapers and BBC's network news as well as In Focus TV show on BahrainTV. He returned home to prep his next offering "Memoirs Of Da Hardcore" which was what the streets of San Diego called a classic and received great reviews on several e-mag websites i.e. Two tracks from Memoirs Of Da Hardcore where featured on Live Sockets Import Dvd Series: On The Scene which charted in the top ten recreational dvd billboard. the same year. Touring Texas, California, Canada, and Japan Sabotawj released his next installment to the acclaimed catalogue titled "In Yo Hood" in 2002 and in 2007 he has brought the Hip Hop World his masterpiece "Key 2 Da City". Currently touring and finishing up his new group album wit Fudge Dog "Town Bizness", Sabotawj is constantly in the lab and traveling around the world to push the independent line worldwide. Sabotawj has to date released four independent albums, two mixtapes, been host of two mixtapes, one compilation and has appeared on records with San Quinn, JDub, Amadeus, C-Hecc, Dom Pachino, Napoleon (wusyndicate), Masia One, Vandal, S. Kalibre, Adonis, Fudge Dog, Young Don, Faulty, King Tee, Syndrome, Universon, Dap C, Madd Visions, Deciet, Kadeve, and more in the making! Sabotawj believes originality is the key to longevity so he strives to contribute the best music possible and sky is the limit.