Saboteur and Madman

Saboteur and Madman

BandEDMHip Hop

We blend live instrumentation and electronics to create new music that combines breakbeat, hip-hop, and electronic influences. We are strong, dynamic performers both in studio and onstage. Explosive beats and powerful lyrics are our calling cards.


Saboteur and Madman have both been musicians their entire lives. They first met a decade ago in Los Angeles, but it was not until the pair moved to Oakland, California 5 years later that their friendship turned into a musical partnership. Saboteur comes from a musical family and has been performing as a singer almost since birth. She also composes music, and plays flute, brass instruments, keyboards, and bass guitar. Madman, likewise, has been playing drums almost since birth. His first gift as a toddler was a drum, which hangs on the wall of the pair's Brooklyn studio. He also plays guitar, bass, keys, percussion, accordion, and just about anything else he can get his hands on. He has performed coast to coast live and on tape with bands of all types and is a highly regarded professional sound engineer. Since forming, the duo has combined their extensive live perfomance experience with their burgeoning love of studio technology to create popular music for the modern age. The pair has taken influence from a wide variety of artists including: Kraftwerk, Damon Albarn, Luke Vibert, RZA, Bjork, Beck, Mouse on Mars, Basement Jaxx, Prince, David Bowie, James Brown, and many others.


Degenerate Art (Demos)

Metal Remix (GeeBeats)

Set List

A typical set would be 30-45min, and would include original material.
Set List:
The Next Wave
Hey Now
Fight For Survival
Make Me
Last Straw
Night Crawling
Brooklyn Style

We don't do covers as a general rule, but have been known to cover and reinterpret a song as part of a set. We like to cover songs that would be unexpected and pull them into the world of our style.