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"One of the most Versatile I've Ever Seen"

“Hey Kevin”, Lee said in his email to me. “We’ve got our first local review of a live show and I can’t make it. Would you be able to attend? The artists name is Sabra Callas and she will be performing at Aroojis.” I responded, somewhat hesitantly, “Sure.” I looked up Aroojis and found it to be an Italian Ristorante. OK, a Fine Dining establishment. What have I got myself into now? I never thought that I would be doing a review of an artist playing in a restaurant. I typically don’t go to a restaurant for the music, much the same as I don’t typically go to a club to hear music and get food. Well, sometimes I have to do things I wouldn’t ordinarily do just to say I’ve done them. I also knew that I would get to see Sabra perform in two different settings. The first in the restaurant and then again at a traditional music venue the Evening Muse in Charlotte North Carolina.

I heard about Sabra Callas through my friend Lee. I took the obligatory tour of her website to learn a little more about her; she has been playing for around 20 years and usually plays private shows, such as weddings and the like. Occasionally she can be found at a Blues Festival and even performing for the local music awards. I like to learn as much as I can about a performer prior to seeing them or listening to their music, I was discussing seeing her with my friend, Trip Rogers. When I asked him about her he said, “A couple of years ago, I was trying to learn some Jazz and Sabra was doing her best to help me. For two days we practiced and I finally let her off the hook. She would have continued to try, but I just couldn’t get it. Sabra’s a patient person, but I just couldn’t punish her any more.” A might fine compliment, if you ask me.

Being the curious type, I wanted to see how someone performed what I will label as “Ambiance Music”. After all, people who are in a restaurant are generally there for the food and are generally not listening to the “piped in” music playing over the loud speakers. I really didn’t know what to expect. I’ve seen “live music” performed in restaurants before, but typically it’s a Mariachi Band in a Mexican Restaurant or maybe someone playing piano, but never someone who was so in tune, so aware of the patrons. I guess I sort of expected to see something similar to a lounger singer performance. As usual, what I expected to see and what I saw weren’t the same thing. Pleasantly, my expectations were smashed. What I saw, what I heard was beyond my imagination. I chose a table only a few short feet away and directly in front of where Sabra was performing. I watched as I enjoyed an appetizer, and noticed as I looked up, our eyes met on a regular basis. I was flattered. Instead of me watching her perform, she was watching me eat as she played. I soon found, however, that I wasn’t the only one she made eye contact with. As I watched intently, I noticed that she made eye contact with nearly everyone who looked her way. What a wonderful feeling it is to know that someone is performing for each person in the room. As I watched, I began to listen more intently. Sabra has a wonderful, angelic, soothing voice. Very softly, she sang each song. With each song, though, there was passion.

Many of the songs that she did that night were covers of other artist’s music. Well, not in the traditional sense really. My concept of a cover tune is doing the song exactly or at least closely to original artist’s performance. This is simply just not the case with Sabra. She played each song as if they had been written for her. She made each song her own. She played such classic tunes as Route 66, Crazy, Billy Joe McAllister, You’ve Got a Friend and Little Wing to name a few. Very few performers can do Crazy as well as Patsy Cline did, however, Sabra did better. It was as if it were written for her, it was her song and beautifully performed. I stayed for the entire length of time she played. I know that anyone there who took the time to listen enjoyed the show. When people took the occasion to listen, and appreciate Sabra’s performance the applause was resounding.

After seeing her perform at Aroojis, I couldn’t wait to see her perform in a different setting. I would have bet that she was able to play most anywhere, but I had to see for myself. What a wonderful evening it was. Sabra performance lasted forty minutes and all the songs were Sabra Callas originals. Being able to clearly hear her voice her guitar playing clearly was an absolute joy. She sings and plays with so much passion, so much strength and is an artist in the every sense of the word. I was mesmerized, put into a trance. As I closed my eyes, I was transported, taken into Sabras world; one of hopes, dreams, nightmares, love and Santa Claus. To say she is an accomplished singer, songwriter and musician would be a gross understatement. Each song she played was an experience, something to think about, and one I won’t soon forget. She has such a beautiful voice, and she plays the guitar in a manner that compliments her voice, makes it stand out that much more.

Sabra reminded me of one of the biggest reasons why I like Indie Music so much. She gives her heart and her soul to the audience. She opens the window to her soul, exposing it for all to see. She plays with a passion that few ever possess. A passion that helps the listener to allow their heart to be free, their soul to be touched, their mind to be opened life’s unlimited possibilities; to dare to dream.

I had an opportunity to watch and hear Sabra perform in two very different and unique environments. In both settings she is a true pro at winning over the audience, at drawing them in. Sabra shared more with me, with all who were listening in one night than some folks share with each other in a lifetime. I believe Sabra to be one of the most versatile singers and songwriters I have ever seen. - Indie Matters (Kevin Baldner - Author)


Behind My Eyes. A 9-song compilation of soulful, bluesy, jazzy originals. Available on ITUNES.



Sabra Callas, Guitarist-Songstress, is a regionally renowned entertainer and a fixture in the North Carolina music scene with a performance history that spans more than two decades. Callas, a native North Carolinian, began her music career at the tender age of 13, working in speakeasies in the rural parts of the Southeast, where she developed her soulful voice and began honing her guitar skills. As a seasoned entertainer, she brings an affecting, warm, approachable passion to the stage with her heart-felt renditions of popular standards that are recognizable by a diverse range of audience.
Sabra is comfortable in a variety of performance settings ranging from large stadium crowds to small intimate venues. Equally she is able to deliver a great in-your-face interactive experience, or retreat into the background to create a warm ambiance and soothing energy.