Sabrina Chap

Sabrina Chap

 Brooklyn, New York, USA

Sabrina Chap's got classical piano skills, the ballad heartbreak of Tom Waits, the onstage antics of Phyllis Diller and the voice of a whiskey angel. Her sets are a ragtime stompin' good time, full of laughs, heartbreaks, and just plain good songwriting.


Sabrina Chap has been called many things. A mix between Julie Andrews and Divine. A sexy Tom Lehrer. A post-modern Cirkus MILF. Whatever you call her, this insane sex bomb of hilarity is bringing her whiskey soaked vocals and piano driven tunes to her second studio album, a ridiculous explosion of politics, horns and wit called, ‘We Are the Parade’. ?

‘We Are the Parade’ was inspired by a failed photo shoot for Chap’s previous album, ‘Oompa!’, an album filled with piano bar ragtime & heartbreak. After the initial shoot, Chap (a former drum major) took a look at the photos and said, “These photos don’t look like piano ragtime tunes. These photos look like my next album.”

Armed with the cover art, Chap turned her inner band geek on high and started writing. She turned her pen to the wildly absurd, matters of the heart and the insanity of American politics. From the Prop 8 inspired anthem, “We are the Parade” to the driving tune, “Everything’s Great”, which touches on America’s obsession with self-denial, this witty, political and personal album catches an artist on the verge of an artistic break-through.

Inspired by the music of Jacques Brel and the incidental music on 30 Rock, Chap took her music compositional skills to the test, orchestrating 10 of the 13 tunes. Drummer Lee Free (MEN) anchored the beats through a range of styles including Dixie, Latin and soul. The girls of Brooklyn post- punk soul band, Ava Luna lent their doo-wop vocal stylings, while Corn Mo (Polyphonic Spree) added accordion behind a Julliard trained string trio on the more orchestral tunes. Three different sets of brass (members from Gato Loco, Red Hook Ramblers, Sonia Leigh) retained their original brass flavors on separate tracks, while joining to create a big band sound. Though the album features over 25 musicians, the orchestral sounds on We Are the Parade were often created by recording an instrument at a time.

This summer, Chap will be hitting the road promoting not only the album, but the second edition of her book, ‘Live Through This- On Creativity and Self-Destruction’. Now including an introduction by Amanda Palmer, Chap will flip-flop between lecturing on how to keep sane while creating art, and performing music from the album in a release tour that hits the Northeast, Midwest and the UK. All in all, 'We are the Parade' is a virulent second studio release from an artist on the brink of receiving major national attention.


Blueprint for Destrucion

Written By: Sabrina Chap

Things are being decided now about me, without me
the air is shifting, and I can hardly breathe
I don’t know where to walk but I can’t stand for this no more
your allegiance has waned, my darling into war

Your words don’t match the way you act, my dear
you say you live for love but feel most alive with fear
so tell me, baby, which one brought you here
Tell me, baby, which one brought you here

*Where were we, when we started to make decisions
whose hand held the pen of love and made revisions
You made me cry and dye my hair again, now I don’t understand
the Blueprints for Destruction are all in my own hand

You always used your words as weapons within
we never talked of the boundary lines of skin
I knew our downfall was inherent in our very first kiss
but I guess if you plan for destruction, it’s hard to miss

*Where were we, when we started to make decisions
whose hand held the pen of love and made revisions
You made me cry and dye my hair again, now I don’t understand
the Blueprints for Destruction are all in my own
my own
my own hand

It’s gonna be awhile until I hear your voice again, I know
the phone is silent and time is violently slow
so I prepare myself to die just a little
because I know these wars within are anything but civil

*Where were we, when we started to make decisions
whose hand held the pen of love and made revisions
You made me cry and dye my hair again, now I don’t understand
the Blueprints for Destruction are all in my own hand
the Blueprints for Destruction are all in my own hand
the Blueprints for Destruction are all in my own hand

Never Been a Bad Girl

Written By: Sabrina Chap

I’ve always been the goody-goody girl
that did the things that she should
always called ahead and smiled
never fought just reconciled
wore my hair the way you liked it
wore the white and was the quiet
lady that nobody’d ever mention
never yelled or drew attention
was the perfect girl for you
and here we are, and now we’re through
so screw the goody goody act
I’m gonna try another tactic

I’ve never been a bad girl
never bit the apple
never made a one mistake
or even seen a snake
I never been ungrateful
always been so thankful
when a man just looks my way
but now something’s changed
Hey, good girls they go to heaven
that’s what they say
I don’t feel like being good today

I never wore red lipstick
never tore a fishnet
never broke a garter belt
or made a good man melt
I wanna feel all dizzy
only wanna drink the fizzy drinks
that strangers buy
because they can’t deny
when I
enter a crowded room
a path clears away
No I don’t feel like being good today
oh I don’t wanna play on the level
if you liked my angel dear
you’re gonna love my devil, darlin

Honey take a number
honey take another look at what
a girl can do
when she’s all mean and new
everyone’s a watching
all the ticks are tocking to the swishing of my hips
they swing like this oh shit
watch me become the girl that lead you away
No I don’t feel like being good today


No more Mrs. Safe girl in the Middle
I used to make ‘em wanna feel so good
Now I just wanna make ‘em hurt a little

now all the men are lining up
and all the ladies looking down
they can’t believe
it’s really me
they wanna buy me diamonds
wanna buy those sweet reminders
that you buy your girl
all silks and pearls
and it’s not that I want the presents
I don’t just want the gifts
I wanna make ‘em pay
I don’t feel like being good
I wanna go to Hollywood
I don’t feel like being good today


Written By: Sabrina Chap

You took the record off,
made the silence sing beneath the trees
I took my white shirt off
and offered you a reason to believe

it’s not these little action tying us together
it’s like we made ourselves believe the things that we weren’t
I swear I’d (never) leave you, but baby you knew better
sitting on your favorite chair
you sang to me in your underwear
it’s funny how these memories keep me going through the years

Carolina in my head
I believed the words you said
Will I ever make it back to your hands
oh its hard, and oh its rough
but it never is enough
Carolina, you’re a love I’ll remember

it’s been seven years,
it’s been seven times around the sun
spinning round this little earth
darling I have miss you every single one

It’s not like the stories we were told when we were younger
I can not speak, my tongue is heavy with regret
there’s nothing fun about this thing of getting older
stretching out with silent hands
across this empty expanse
it’s not like I don’t know how night can feel upon my shoulders

oh, I drove so far away
stop me now and make me stay
if you don’t, well any way the road’ll keep me
and I didn’t stay with you
because you didn’t ask me to
Carolina, when are you gonna call out my name

Carolina in my head
I believed the words you said
and will I ever make it back to your h oh its hard, and oh its rough
but it never is enough
Carolina, you’re the love, darling, I’ll remember

Never Again

Written By: Sabrina Chap

I came back just like the cat
Now I walk the streets with a low brimmed hat
This time I’m alone
and hold the key to an empty home

Yes, I left for another heart
I kissed another’s lips while I fell apart
Trying hard to forget
the way we touched, the way we fit

Now never again will we kiss strong then shy
never again, will you smile when I make Pad Thai
I know it’s heartbreak, my friend
This song of never again

I passed the movies yesterday
I thought of what had been
How you held me there in the dark
during the scariest part

Now never again will you tell me who dies
because I am so scared, I close my eyes
Please tell me how it ends.
No you won’t, ever again.

What is the cost?
What’s the price that I have to pay for this love I’ve lost?
You knew that I wouldn’t stay.
It’s my nature to love, then run away
and then compose with a pen
this song of never again.

Now never again will you buy two coffees
Cream for you, cream and sugar for me.
Your hand in my hair
Walking through Washington Square
How perfect we were back then.
We were, but never again.

Failed Waitress/Failed Astronaut

Written By: Sabrina Chap

You always say to me life’s a mystery
how the things we want turn into history
didn’t you baby
but now you’re there sitting right across from me
drunk and using big words like destiny
don’t do it baby
and you say you just don’t know
how in the world you ended up here
does it make a difference though
when we’re sitting together my dear

when you were six you said you’d be an astronaut
now you’re 28 and now you’re not
what happened baby
it’s like last week
it was just the same
youw anted Sheila
slept with what’s her name
didn’t you baby
it’s funny how the things we want
never turn into the things we get
still you’re always placing odds
though you never seem to make the bet

I went to college to get my degree
then I’d have life figured out for me
what happened baby
six years later and I still love to sing
to do that, I’m always waitressing
it’s driving me crazy
and I’m waitressing in Soho
the pretty women say, “Hey Fill my glass.”
Never knew that my BA and 4.0
qualified me to kiss their ass.

Life goes so fast, we don’t know what to do with it
we were once so young and once so full of it
weren’t we baby?
But look, someone hung a tire from this old oak tree
why don’t you come swing next to me?
My pretty baby.
Well be 70 and uh-oh
we’ll have messed up all our little plans
the failed waitress and failed astronaut
swinging on a tire, holding hands.
Come meet me there, pretty baby now.


Written By: Sabrina Chap

Babe I know this city’s rough
but you don’t have to act so geographically.
Look at you, you’re all tensed up
Relax, be Midwestern for awhile
Yeah, all the buzz of New York City
All the talk and all the witty
jokes, well they’re just noise
I’ll put my heart in a bag
Swing right back to my sweet Illinois

Make your money, make your dues
Honey, who you talking to in this loud café?
Right there sitting next to you’s a pretty lady
throw that thing away.
Maybe she’s not good for business
but this pretty little miss’s got a lot of joy
take a second, take a smile,
come on back awhile to Illinois

Get your Triple cappuccino, get your cigarette
later a beer oh my!
You’re traveling through nicotine, couteure caffeine
and alcoholic wiles
But baby, grab a cuppa Joe- sit on the porch and take it slow
Cause fast is not my style
Sit back in the open air, pull up a chair and whistle for awhile

Oh so serious is you, doing what you gotta do
to run the track
but honey you aint’ foolin’ me
money wasn’t made to break your back
I’m a weed, a dandelion
yellow, sprouting, I’m just trying to
sing my own sweet joy
Singing from my heart and strings
always brings me back to Illi-
Don’t you want to know these things?
One day, I hope you willa
Take a second, take a sigh
Come on back to my sweet Illinois

Nobody Home to Sing the Blues

Written By: Sabrina Chap

After midnight, when I’m all alone, not even the telephone rings
it’s still alright, ‘cuz the dogs bark and the piano sings
and I know that it never fails, I’m an old nightingale who’s
getting used to what the night brings
this little silhouette sings

of the times that we were just there burning with the stars
and the limes that were cut to us in those tequila bars
while we danced to the music of the old men with guitars
oh, baby I love those times, please take me back soon

So there’ll be nobody home to sing the blues
nobody needing I love you’s
nobody home to watch the evening news
there’s be nobody home to sing the blues

After midnight, when it’s just me and the piano keys
and I can’t find even one in the eighty-eight that fits me
it’s still alright, it never fails I’m an old nightingale who’s
getting used to what the night brings
this little silhouettes sings

of the times that the moon was a perfect pill above the lake
and we swooned while swallowing it back, waiting for our hearts to break
like cartoons we lived our lives in just one take
falling off cliffs and then dying, without a bruise

and there was nobody home to sing the blues
nobody needing I love you’s
nobody sitting there just wishing she was not the girl who’s
sitting there, singing the blues.

There was nobody home to sing the blues
Nobody needing I love you’s
nobody sitting there just wishing she was not the girl who’s
sitting there, singing the blues.

Ze Paris Song

Written By: Sabrina Chap

When I went to Paris all the men would scream
hey hey hey
all of them wanted me
every one wanted me

when I went to Paris and I traveled on the Seine
oh oh oh
a man was so in love that he jumped right in
the poor old thing didn’t know how to swim
the pere l’chaise is where he’s buried in.

and wherever I went
I had a wheel of brie and a baguette
and just to prove I was not a tourist
I’d yell, ‘the Eiffel Tower’s a piece of shit!!’
oh no no no no

when I went to paris
my little poodle nannette
would bark ‘arf arf arf’
if a man would get to close to me
they all wanted to get close to me
because they would get to close to me
oh oh oh oh oh oh

when I went to Paris I traveled up to Monmartre
oh oh oh oh oh
all the hookers bowed when I past
I kissed them all on their syphilis
I couldn’t believe it had come to this oh no no no no no no

on the metro, when I entered all the accordions would play
every song was about my smile
but I’d have to leave after awhile
the beggers threw their coins at me
hoping I’d improve their destiny
oh oh oh oh oh

I can’t return to Paris because of all the men
who swore they couldn’t live without me
and if I returned they’d kill themselves you see
across every arrondisment
they scream and sigh- you are what I want

when I went to Paris all the men would scream
hey hey hey
all of them wanted me
everybody wanted me


Written By: Sabrina Chap

Picked up my sanity, moved right to Chicago
went to the local bars just to learn the lingo
I drink until I’m drunk and then sober up around two
yes I’m passing time with beer and wine and girl that’s when I met you

you were sitting at the bar, with your long legs overcrossed
the boys were leaning playing pool and each time they lost
it was because you titled your to the side and then blew
smoke rings with your painted lips, that girl we woulda jumped through

and suddenly I saw you the very next Saturday
we were both alone at the movie matinee
you winked at me linked arms, said, “hey- don’t I know you?”
Well, 30 hours later and if you didn’t, now you do

so we left the movie early we booked to the back to escape
a taxi-cab and all the red tape it takes
to get you to the sheets and we roll, and we rock, and we roll
till all was wet and sweat and skin, and air was alcohol
till angels had their heart attacks and there were new cracks in the wall

And so I wake up to a room I don’t recognize
the only souvenir I have is my sore thighs
the windows open and I was hoping
that I would wake up to see your goddamn face
a disgrace that I couldn’t love you twice

And I’d like to say I’d like you but I do not have the idiom
so I’m gonna say it like this, mm mm mm
baby. you make me crazy til it tingles
and I’m laying back just thankin the lord for your fingers
and for all the things the lord lets em do.

Little White House

Written By: Sabrina Chap

A little white house
a white picket fence
a dog in the yard
and all of the rest

a place in your arms
at night just for me
in our little white house
with a key

A kid on the way
Due sometime in May
we’d dance in the kitchen
while the radio played

You’d bring home the bacon
I’d try a new recipe
in our little white house with a key

It’s nothing too special
or so I’ve been told
it’s just a little dream
from the side of the road

Sometimes we would fight
other times we’d agree
in our little white house with a key

maybe one day
I’ll run out of gas
find a house in a town
that I’d probably a passed

til then all I got
is this little song and dream
of little white house with a key

I’m under the moon
you’re probably asleep
in our little white house
with a key

The Boat Song

Written By: Sabrina Chap

The captain never made it
we’re gonna have to sail this ship by ourselves
and when I overheard this
is when I fell

I woke up to the blue sky
and no more seagulls flying
overhead- oh my
God, I think we’re moving
and so I grabbed a stranger passing by

I’ve never sailed before
honestly, I can’t even row
a boat to any shore
he looked at me and smiled
although I was terrified
said oh honey, you’ll be fine
you’re with me and it’s all that I know

Two weeks, I’m tired of fishsticks
and all the sailors calling
baby, come to me
I walk the deck alone
sometimes I pause and stare at the sea

you come behind me at night
lift my head up to the stars
see that one shining so bright

that’s how we know where we are
I don’t believe it though
how can I believe such a thing
you say I don’t know much
but this is all that I know

it took a month to get here
I never thought I’d see dry land again
but one early morning
we heard a call from a boy
land land ahoy
and so I rushed to pack my small suitcase

at the port, there were flowers
there was even a band to welcome us home
and so I looked for you
but you were there
by the engine
all alone

you said I never leave the ship
I wouldn’t know what to do
no sails to bring me wind
no stars to guide you
I said come with me
I don’t know much, but even so
I’ve lived on land my whole life
don’t worry, it’ all that I know


OOMPA! - (full length debut - 2010

Set List

Sets can last from 45 min- 1 and a half hours
Blueprint for Destruction
Never Been a Bad Girl
Never Again,
Failed Waitress/Failed Astronaut
Nobody Home to Sing the Blues
Ze Paris Song
Little White House
The Boat Song
Rebecca on the Bed
The Great Divide
Oh my God
Michigan Ave.
the ‘22
Wrecking Crew
Take it all Back
The Denial Rag
Plan B
I don’t keep things well
Long Island
Take me Home
When the Comet Comes
Dance with Me
You knew better
Going Down

I will survive*
Honky-Tonk Bach*
Clap Hands*
I Still Haven’t Found What I’m looking for*