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The best kept secret in music


"Introducing Sabrina Cuie"

Introducing Sabrina Cuie
by Haile Campbell

I am very proud to introduce to you one of my favorite members of the World Family, Sabrina Cuie. This talented young woman is balancing a full-time gig, school, and single motherhood while tirelessly working to make her musical dreams comes true (somehow she makes it look easy). This young lady is an inspiration to me and in our interview she reminds me of why I respect and love her so much. I look forward to the release of her debut EP and can’t wait to see her take her place in music lover’s hearts, a place that she more that deserves, she has earned it. Please take a second, to meet, Ms. Sabrina Cuie.

Who is Sabrina Cuie and what does she stand for?

Sabrina Cuie is a walking oxymoron. I’m a laid-back perfectionist who wears black lace underneath white cotton. I’m a shy extrovert with ladylike aggression. I’m a go-getter whose favorite pass time is sleeping. I’m a sexy nerd. You see? Nothing about me is consistent except love - my love of life and my love for growth, creation, and expression. I stand for forward and collective movement and I’m all for people wanting to get out there to strive to better their selves. But not by a dog-eat-dog standard. This “me, myself, and I” attitude gots to go, because music cannot continue to evolve this way.

How long have you performed?

I’ve been in talent shows, plays, and musicals since I was nine years old. I’ve been featured performer, as a solo artist, for about a year now.

What do you consider your music?

I consider my music to be Rhythm and Stories. I just hate saying Rhythm & Blues. When I think of “The Blues”, I think of pain, sorrow, or some love sickness. Then add some hot beat behind it, and then you got R&B. My music is not just that. Sometimes it’s love and happiness. Sometimes it’s angry. Whatever I’m feeling at the moment I put that pen to paper to write about it. I’m always telling a story about something I’ve experienced. It’s not quite Neo-Soul either. Maybe I’m generalizing, but I don’t expect to be burning candles and incense during my shows and doing all things boho. So I really think we need a new genre! How about Alternative Soul? Is that a genre yet? Add a touch of hip hop. I like it!

What were your musical influences?

I love Alanis Morrisette for her songwriting. Earth, Wind, & Fire is my most favorite band of all time, because their music was full of instrumentation and they were ahead of their time. Finally, I love Deniece Williams and Minnie Rippleton for their sweet sopranos.

What are some of your most positive and negative experiences so far?

The people that I meet and deal with have been both my positive and my negative experience in this game. I’ve met some wonderful people with wonderful talent who have exposed me to so much that I couldn’t possibly learn on my own. On the flip side of things, people can be so nasty and so spiteful, jealous, hurtful, and cruel. It has taught me to suck in the negativity, chew it up, and spit it out with a smile on my face. I’m sensitive, but I’ve grown a thick skin. Now I accept whatever comes my way, whether it’s good or bad, as a challenge.

What has shocked or surprised you about your experience?

What shocks me the most is the amount of time it takes for me to perfect my music and getting it out there. I was also so naïve about the business aspect of things. I once just thought, “Hey make a good song, put it on the radio, then get signed and be famous!” Uhhh…it doesn’t work that way. The other thing that I will never forget is when a 3 year old tried to give me a dollar after a performance. That was the sweetest compliment.

Who would you like to work with in the future?

Maxwell. He’s lickable…I mean, I love his music and he’s a great singer. I love his form…art form that is. Yeah, art form.

Who have you already played with that you wanted to?

Tony Moore is a well-kept secret. This guitarist plays like it is an extension of him. Tony’s a veteran in this business, and I just absolutely love his playing. He’s awesome and he’s so humble. I’m like, do you know how hot you are?

Who do you make music for?

Gosh. This is going to sound selfish, but I make music for myself in hopes that people will like it. Music is just therapy for me. Without it, I’d be in some psychiatric ward somewhere. Instead of people saying, “That’s Sabrina, she’s a singer.” They’d say, “That Sabrina chick, man…she’s nuts!” Some people already think I’m a little crazy, but my music keeps me in check.

What is your short term plans? Long term plans?

My short-term plan is to put out my debut album in the Spring of 2005. My long term plans are to rock arena-sized crowds, and eventually start several businesses - one that will help other unsigned artists get into this game. I don’t want to give away too many details though, because I’m working on it.

What is your background in? Musically?

I played - GEOCLAN


Body Language - My first Single and Commercial Release


Feeling a bit camera shy


Her sultry voice, intertwined with lyrics saturated in solace and sensuality, has propelled singer/ songwriter, Sabrina Cuie, into Philadelphia’s diverse music scene. Her music, being a fusion of Neo Soul, Hip Hop, and R&B.

The emerging songstress has enhanced her vocal abilities by performing in entertainment venues in New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia, where she currently resides. Known among her friends and peers as determined, as well as talented, Sabrina released her debut Single Body Language.

Violin lessons at eight years old would be the first notch on the timeline chronicling how music has always been an integral factor in Sabrina’s life. Immediately following would be young Sabrina’s first introduction to singing by joining the church choir at the age of nine. Her insatiable desires to further develop and diversify her singing and instrumental talents caused her to join many other youth ensembles, talent shows, and plays. While attending St. Joseph’s University, a solo performance with the Gospel Choir was the deciding factor involved in Sabrina’s life-altering decision to transcend her hobby to a career in the entertainment business. Her soprano voice and commanding stage presence moved the crowd in a manner that pleased and shocked the future star. Knowing she possessed the ability to touch the masses with her beautiful voice became intoxicating.

Shortly thereafter, she became a member of a Rap/R&B duo supported by an instrumental band. With this group, she performed in several talent shows to further polish her skills and vocal talents. Determined to find a sound that matched hers and her partner’s, Sabrina searched for additional production to add variety to their sound. Inadvertently, this is what catapulted her future solo career. Currently, Sabrina’s main objective is to gain more exposure for her music. Sabrina has belted out her original lyrics at the Soul Café in Manhattan, The Red Lion in Greenwich Village as well many appearances in various Philadelphia venues like The Black Woman’s Arts Festival, Homegrown Eclectic, The Five Spot, Mill Creek Tavern, Manayunk Brewery, and The World Café Live.

She sometimes sings cover songs of her musical influences: Earth, Wind, and Fire, Minnie Ripperton, Deniece Williams, and Maxwell. Now Sabrina is ready to take her original material onto a larger scale. Her vocal range, mixed with her unique style of singing, will easily garner Sabrina Cuie the media and career accreditations she’s worked so hard for.