Sabrina Lentini

Sabrina Lentini

 Tustin, California, USA

18 Year old singer/songwriter


Southern California native, Sabrina Lentini, is a singer/songwriter who has enchanted and captivated audiences with her uplifting lyrics and catchy melodies. 

Her music displays a mix between Acoustic Pop & crossover country and portrays messages that are relatable and friendly to audiences of all ages. 

At the age of 15, she was the the youngest contestant to reach the Top 48 out of more than 75,000 during Season 13 of FOX’s American Idol. Sabrina is no stranger to the lights and cameras on film sets, especially  after participating in Majors and Minors, a reality based TV series on The HUB network when she was only 13 years old. She was one of twelve young performers chosen from a nationwide search of over 40,000. 

Sabrina is now 18 with two independently released EPs available on iTunes. She is currently found performing all over Southern CA and working on her third highly-anticipated project.