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Up to god I win

Written By: Sabrina Maxwell

You hurt me so when you left me.
Wasn't it you who said we would always be?
You're the one who hurt me the most.
So I prayed to the father,son,and holy ghost.
To take away this wretched pain.
And it was washed away, like holy rain.
You taught me to become strong.
Don't depend on someone for to long.
Don't count your chickens before they hatch.
When baking your cookies make more than one batch.Just how to start all over again.
But I'll always love you more, up to god I win.
"end bridge"
Things are getting better every single day.
Even if they weren't I wouldn't say.
I hope that you're happy without me, I hope you fly high and you soar free.
Im not mad , just blown away.
Everytime we talk now , theres not much to say.
Let me tell you this before I go .
Theres somethings I think you should know.