Sabrina Vargas

Sabrina Vargas


Soulful female songbird pioneers a womans movement, expressed through Urban R&B music, with a blend of eclectic deeply rooted soul to add to the elements & melodies that resonates the sound that is Sabrina Vargas.



A pioneer of her time and the simple girl next door for many; Sabrina has given much sacrifice to living and breathing a challenging “independent music career”. It is certainly noted since the start of her accomplished music debut back in 1990. That Sabrina is still turning heads with her live performances and soulful hook driven songs. When she was 17 years old; Sabrina was literally starting her career singing back ups with many jazz, blues and R&B musicians in clubs. These veteran players had much to teach to Sabrina about the music and touring industry. Their words of wisdom helped Sabrina become deeply rooted in soul music and learning to hone her craft while nurturing her musical abilities. Today Sabrina’s musical message is being delivered with a timeless and positive meaning. She hopes that her message will be well received by all who listen. She is very humbled by the attention that her music has been blessed with receiving, and already looks forward to creating more records for her audiences to enjoy.

Sabrina, has been compared to many great female music artists: Such as Chaka Khan, Erykah Badu. Jill Scott, Amel Larriueax, Joss Stone, and Billy Holiday.

It has been said Sabrina’s performance is of the experienced kind, she is a smooth power house vocalist, with a positive character that captivates her audiences. Many have said they felt inspired, moved, and were given chills when hearing Sabrina sing the first eight measures of a song. Female audiences are connected to Sabrina for her female movement magnetism. However, her male audiences have said they are very impressed by her earthy sensual appeal, and stimulating wit. “Sabrina is a beautiful artist painting poetic pictures introducing the listener to a true life story teller!”

JMJ Urban Records is honored to bring to the soul music public R&B, Bossa-Soul artist Sabrina Vargas. She is a performer to be reckoned with, a soul artist of our day and age. Sabrina Vargas is an artist that represents musical longevity, tenacity, truth, deeply rooted soul and an elevated passion given to desire!


- "Cross-Effect" band LP recorded under the production of D.Fire, S. Vargas/CRG Records 2002.

- "The U Feelin' Me 12 Track Sessions". Recorded under the production of E. Cole, S. Vargas/Everlasting Music 2003.

- "Dragonfly" single studio recording. Under the recording production of P. Roberts, S. Vargas/Vinestyle Productions 2004.

- "Everything" single studio recording. Under the recording production of P. Roberts, S. Vargas, M. Roberts/Vinestyle Productions 2004.

- "Hands Up - Vocal Cameo" single studio recording. Under the production of P.Roberts, S. Vargas/Vinestyle Productions 2004.

- "Sabrina Vargas Self-Titled LP" Executive producer S. Vargas. Producer D. James / JMJ Urban Music Group 2006.

- WILD 96.1 FM Radio Appearance and Artist Interview with Chris Loos of The Hometown Getdown Music Show Sunday's @ 6pm!

Set List

45 minute to 60 minute or 2 hour original music set lists.