Sabrina Walyer

Sabrina Walyer


A voice best-described as folky and soulful, with moving intensity, Sabrina has a sound that is truly her own. She has been inspired by legends such as Emmylou Harris and Bonnie Raitt, and by contemporary artists like Patty Griffin, Teddy Thompson and Amos Lee.


Born and raised in Portland, OR, Sabrina's love of the mountainous terrain and green landscape is evident in the organic-nature of her songs. There are no superficial frills in her recordings. She has written several songs amdist the beautiful surroundings of her home-state and says she has done some of her best writing after finding those quiet places off the beaten paths near Mt. Hood or Mt. Bachelor. Sabrina left Portland for Nashville, TN when she was only eighteen to attend Belmont University. There she studied music business, and taught herself to play the guitar and write songs. It was during the summer vacations spent back home in Oregon that she began producing and recording those songs which reflected her artistic maturity.
Following graduation from Belmont, Sabrina started playing open mics and writer's nights around Nashville, including The Bluebird Cafe, Douglas Corner, and others. She was asked to sing one of her songs live on a Nashville-based radio station, which sparked listener-interest. Her war-time tribute "Desert Love Song" became popular in the military community where she played for support rally's and for family members of those serving in Iraq.
Having no desire to mold her style to that of a cookie-cutter pop-country star, Sabrina decided to move forward in her journey to find a publishing company and record label that would embrace her for who she is. That journey continues with her recent move back to the Portland area where she feels connected to the local indie folk community. Sabrina says that she will continue to write about what matters to her, and hope that her voice will be heard by an ear willing to help her up to the next step.


Desert Love Song

Written By: Sabrina Walyer

I saw a sunset on a skyline that I know you would have loved,
I climbed a mountain trail near the summit with a thousand trees above,
Curled my toes in the sand near the Rio Grande while the warm sun covered me…
Oh now didn’t you see it?
Thought I felt you in the air,
Baby, I could have sworn that you were there.

Now last night I was gone again, on the town with everyone,
Well we talked awhile and we laughed about how you’re always so much fun,
Then I came home, went to bed alone, and asked God for just one thing…
Oh now didn’t you see it?
Well I know you heard my prayer,
Baby, I could have sworn that you were there.

It’s comin’ up on a long time, baby, since I’ve seen your face,
No word for miles across the desert sand,
But no news is good news so may Jesus keep you safe,
Until you come back home again… oh yeah…

Well I flew on up to Boston and I drove to see your folks,
Sat down with your brother and his girl over a beer and a couple of smokes,
He said all he knew was that me and you could make it through anything…
Oh now don’t you believe it?
You know I feel how much you care,
Baby, I could sworn that you were there.


Baby, I could have sworn that you were there.


Written By: Sabrina Walyer

When she was born she was no one’s child
What a sight to see,
A mother too young, “this kid will ruin his plans”
Signed the papers and they were free.

Now as Glory grew up, you know, she’d think about
That cold November day,
She never could quite figure out why
Anyone would give her away.

She asked the only father she’d ever known,
“Can you put my mind at ease?”
He said “If you never remember another word, Glory,
Remember these…” He said:


You might be somebody’s lover,
And you might lose a hand to another,
And you might be somebody’s mother someday,
But when the dark times come the sooner,
Keep your heart and keep your humor
‘Cause life ain’t gonna let you walk away.

Now Glory sings songs at the Blue Café
Waitin’ for the phone to start ringin’,
She barely makes enough to feed the cat each day,
But Glory keeps on singin’.

Had a heartbreak now and then, no,
Those kisses, they aren’t free.
Crazy uptown boys, no they ain’t men,
Oh Glory just you wait and see.

‘Cause love will find you down the line
And bring you more than roses.
No, he ain’t never leavin’ you behind,
Oh Glory, all I know is…


Yeah, when the dark times come the sooner,
Keep your heart and keep your humor,
‘Cause love ain’t gonna let you walk away.


Demo CD copies available

Set List

1 �- Glory
2 �- Desert Love Song
3 �- Battle Lines
4 �- If I Had It My Way
5 �- Alright With Me
6 �- Time to Kill