New York City's Saccharine is all about Guitar Heavy Radio Rock with a pop lean that's heavy on songwriting and "Mack truck" vocals. One of NYC's top draws, Saccharine's debut CD "You Will Feel Nothing" is infiltrating commercial rock radio up and down the East Coast of the US.


New York City’s Saccharine is not a garage band. Saccharine is not a punk band. Saccharine takes absolutely no influence from The Velvet Underground, Sonic Youth or The Ramones. You will not find the members of Saccharine in vintage suits or sporting the same haircut they had in the fourth grade. Saccharine will not be sending their CD in for review to The Village Voice and they don’t give a flying fuck whether or not they’re part of the “Brooklyn scene.” Does this sound like a New York City rock band to you? Didn’t think so.

Saccharine is about one thing: Rock. All 4 members grew up glued to the radio, wanting to do only one thing—play rock n’ roll. Picking up their instruments at an early age, they’ve all played in rock bands ever since. The members of Saccharine have shared the stage with a wide spectrum of bands ranging from Anthrax, Cheap Trick, Thursday and Bon Jovi, to Foo Fighters, The Misfits, Dashboard Confessional and The Fixx. Each has toured regionally or nationally, with hundreds of live shows between them.

Formed in the summer of 2001, Saccharine has toured the Northeast for 3 years. The quartet has built an impressive regional following and regularly gigs at many of the tri-state’s premier venues including The Mercury Lounge, Arlene Grocery, The Chance and BB King Blues Club. Saccharine’s music has been featured on New York’s K-Rock and 104.3 among other commercial rock stations as well as on numerous college stations.

The Saccharine sound invokes heavy guitars, prominent vocals, a tight, dynamic rhythm section and creative songwriting. The songs of Saccharine lean heavily on dynamics and emotion. Stylistically, the songs pull you in with their lyrics, then take you on an emotional ride. Most of the songs focus on human relationships and conflict with conventional idealism and dogmatism. “I try to write songs that mean one thing to me, but also allow the listener to relate through their own experiences” says John Gaenzler, Saccharine’s lyricist and principal songwriter. Saccharine takes their influence not from their peers, but from the legends—the masters in Zeppelin, The Beatles and The Who, along with Cheap Trick, U2, and Peter Gabriel.

What makes Saccharine unique? Guitar player Alan Levine believes it’s that each band member contributes his own energy and sound to a single goal. Drummer Mike Maenza feels the songs are the difference, adding “Quality songs… we’re not trying to re-invent the wheel here.” John adds, “I’m not really sure exactly what it is that sets us apart, although I think it has a lot to do with individual personalities and style…We’ve been told that we sound a little like any number of bands, but not a lot like any one band. And the bands people say we do sound like—they’re never the same.” Bass player Dennis Greeley adds, “We’re always working. We never settle. Hard work unlocks potential. At least that’s the idea.” The 4 members of Saccharine are all in agreement that their songs and live show are the true strength of the band.

Why the name? “Before we started the band, I always saw the word used ridiculously in literary reviews and musical commentary” John Gaenzler remarks. “I said this has got to stop. Someone needs to name their band Saccharine. And, OK, it just sounds cool.”

What’s next? Saccharine just released their debut CD “You Will Feel Nothing” on Jaunt Records. The radio campaign will begin in June. They will follow the release with an extensive Summer/Fall tour. Look for them in your neck of the woods soon!


Freight Train

Written By: J.Gaenzler 2003

Freight Train

Sleep alone inside your smile
or walk along the darkest mile
either way you’re on you own
and waiting for no end
A trail of broken promises
Believed in every word he said
And here you are at last again
With nothing but a name

You’re like a freight train without a track to run on
You’re like a cold dark night alone without a light
You’ll never walk free unless you see the future
With him you won’t see far
You’ve stayed alone with him for way too long

A sound is all you need to hear
To tell you that you needn’t fear
Cause loneliness is creeping near
To free you from the dark
And if you take a day to see
The next one you will live is free
But all your life you couldn’t be
The one you really need


Written By: J.Gaenzler 2003


Tell me what’s inside the shape, Ray?
And are you feeling something?
Tell me what’s up in your head Ray?
Fuck you I’m dying!

Such a sad man
Such a sad man, Ray

All you’ll feel’s a little prick, Ray
Then you’ll feel much better
Tell us what’s up in your head Ray
Fuck you I’m normal

Can you hear me?
Can you hear me, Ray
Can you hear me?
Are you near me?

Lights out.
You’re all alone
But it’s only make-believe

Can you see me?
Can you hear me?

Lights out.
You’re all alone
But it’s only make-believe.


CD: "You Will Feel Nothing" - 2004
Jaunt Recordings
"Ray" & "Freight Train" - 2004
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Set List

Set List varies by length of set. Mostly songs from the CD. A couple remakes thrown in on occasion.