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Sac Lunch is a live instrumentation hip-hop band that specializes in blending funk, jazz, soul, and rock into an underground hip-hop sonic explosion. Get ready, we're not your mother's college band.


Anyone can perform a rap show with an instrumental CD and a microphone. Anyone can produce a tight beat on an MPC or the latest pirated copy of Reason. In Sac Lunch the production credit goes to the six-piece live instrumentation that draws from jazz, rock, soul, and funk influences to generate a sound diverse and yet still rooted in head-nodding hip-hop. Songs sometimes feverishly intense, sometimes jazzy, sometimes cool and soulful, Sac Lunch caters to more than just fans of hip-hop, and in truth brings a little something for everyone to enjoy. Influences range from the Roots to Rage, Jimmy Cliff to John Coltrane.



Written By: Aaron Becker

Verse 1:
I know it forward and back
Before and after the show
an average every day convo, goes, like this....
Hold up
-Easy yo
Look at the long legs
-Grow up she's a ho
Look at the long dreads
The kid that was on stage
You think he would bomb trains?
But his word're so real...
Think he could rocked braids?
What about a top-fade?
Bet you he would if he had to shave..
Ok, I've had enough about this phony rapper I've had it up to here
After the show go ask him to flow
He'll go nuts, when he hears you yappin' his ear off about how often you go off the head
When you go head-to-head against your peers
Rippin' apart ridges
Even the Partridges
I'm prodigious
I part bridges, like God did just in Exodus
Soldiers hold your head like ostriches
I'm off the hinges, us, bust, plus
We fourth and inches
place bets, against A-Bex?
Betcha pay ya debts though, betcha pay ya debts though..

Verse 2:

Lesson Learned

Written By: Jon Rayfield, Aaron Becker


When I flow I like to spit it like I know how
You beefin' cuz this s$@t is written that's your own cow
keep your methods too constricted it'll hold down
old hounds cold flippin' learnin' some new tricks
pick up the pencil and put down the boomsticks
need elevation I'll give you a few tips...

Verse 1:

Here's the mic, the check
don't write from right to left
you should never have to fight to death
that don't mean your life ain't rife with stress
you still try your best
even though your writin's fresh
you wouldn't like to step
to Wattson, spittin' lightning at Titan's crests
Def lyrics you'll probably bite to shreds
straight to the pointers
Don't act like you're a sainted anointer
you've pleaded ya case, I'm makin' rejoinders
your wack flow is cancerous, it's makin' my groin hurt
you can't just
pick up a page armed with s#%t caked on ya hands
and expect to get paid like Cezanne paintin' a canvas
yo, you gotta put time in it...
reach no certified limit
berzerk ya irises
servin' up nine digits
Security Social I'm furiously boastful
you bout to hear me go postal
It's all sealed in the notes dude,
I TOLD you


Verse 2:
The simple part about this is deceiving yourself
the hardest part about it is believin' yourself
just a hint for y'all that thought this shit was easy as hell
This ain't no 1-2-3 or A-B-C when you spell
used to think the same thing before emceein' myself
you must really love you, but what you see in yourself?
Your leadership is sinkin' man you needed some help
released ya LP the same weekend as me to see if you can get yo mufu$#ing CD to sell?
play Goliath on me see what I can keep on my belt
it's not the heat either not the beeper not the cell
put my slang in a slingshot, heave and then pelt
you ain't even bring a rock
brought a meager little pebble
outta know I'm cold hearted
Blood stream doesn't melt
and yeah, you're cold as ice, you're a freezer in hell
sweat and tears streamin' yeah I bleed when I yell
I saw what I was early on from seein' myself
and yet I'm feared yearly for just bein' myself



The Sac Lunch EP, live tracks and more can be viewed at in the "Music" section

Set List

Moanin', Brown Paper Bags, New Kid (on the Block), Lesson Learned, Emcee Story, Syeeda, Headrushin'... Sets typically range between 45-90 minutes.