Ninety Seven

Ninety Seven

 Southampton, England, GBR

In the vein of Def Leppard, Bon Jovi and Nickleback, Sacred Ace are the future of rock music!


In the year 1999 Phil Stanmore (singer/guitar), and Dave Peck (Lead Guitar), teamed up and spent the year learning and creating the musical direction, their band Sacred Ace was destined to take. This was aided and influenced by past and present Rock bands, spanning from Led Zeppelin to Bon Jovi.

They developed their own approach to writing and composing music, producing an extensive back catalogue of material, which has become the backbone of their live performances.

Unfortunately over the years the band has been through numerous changes in the line up, to date there have been three official line ups that have graced the stage! but even so Phil & Dave have always kept the band moving on and over the six years of gigs and performances around the South of England that have followed, they have received positive reviews and feedback from both the public and various local media publications.

Phil and Dave have also ventured into acoustic performances. The most memorable of these was during the Emergenza 2002 Battle of the Bands contest. Due to an unavoidable event their drummer was unable to attend the first round performance, so Phil & Dave put on an unplanned acoustic performance and reaping the awards of the audience’s positive feedback they coasted into the second round. This it seemed gave them the bug for acoustic work and their future plans now include acoustic gigs and the recording of an acoustic Ep.

Sacred Ace have also done their bit for Charity, with a performance on the 6th February 2005 at a local venue, where all the money raised that evening went to the Tsunami Earthquake Charity Appeal.

Now no one obviously knows what the future holds for the band, but with a showcase performance in Birmingham @ The Hard Rock Café, for Epic, Columbia & Atlantic records at the end of February 2005, there is no sign currently of Sacred Ace slowing down.