Sacred Dawn

Sacred Dawn


"All lovers of US American Power Metal should absolutely keep an ear out in the direction of this band, because Sacred Dawn's debut "Gears of the Machine” could very well be the next classic on the horizon. " -Walter Sheurer,


In January 2005, Lothar Keller was working on his first solo album when a vision of a union between hard rock, progressive, power and heavy metal musical styles was conceived. The groundwork was then assembled for what would become Sacred Dawn.
After a few stops and starts in a quest for the right players in the band, along came John Vitale. John saw the band play as a three-piece on New Year’s Eve, 2005. As the former guitarist of Chicago’s Megadeth tribute favorite, Highspeeddirt, he recognized talent and was very impressed with Sacred Dawn’s original music and wanted to be a part of the growth of the band.
John, however, wasn’t the only one looking for a new project. In May, 2006 Sacred Dawn was faced with finding a new bass player. Experience, stability and excellent chops were the requirements and so enter Joey Vega. Lothar and Joey Vega, members of a Chicago based music alliance, met and fortunate for Sacred Dawn, Joey enthusiastically agreed to be a part of Sacred Dawn.
One final step was needed before Sacred Dawn was ready to begin their journey- an unstoppable stickman. Brad Sabathne, stepped up and was the madman behind the kit that Sacred Dawn needed to be a solid, cohesive metal alliance.
Sacred Dawn pulls their influence from bands such as Dream Theater, Iron Maiden, Nevermore, Queensryche, Savatage, Fates Warning and many others. Through these influences, Sacred Dawn combines musical styles reminiscent of “old school metal” and molds them together with today’s “harsh, driving metal” to get a sound with a progressive feel, leading Sacred Dawn in the pursuit to bring guitar solos and true musicianship back into the metal music scene.


Soldier's Plea

Written By: J. Marvin

The waning sun, which lies before me
Holds the answers of eternity
So on I run, try to chase a rainbow
Though my task seems so impossible
I’m the nomad, from which gypsies spawn
My loyalty is mine to own
I steal for food, I kill for shelter
My rule in life is strength of me

And why should I try to protect you
You’d stab me if you had the chance
Still yet you try, to tie me down
When morning comes I can’t be found

I am free eternally; my soul still wanders from sea to sea
A warrior’s soul, which shall not break,
And always I’ll decide what to take from you…

Do you know what it feels like
Not to know a friend from foe
Know the fear a soldier feels
With the sound of mortars drawing near

And why should I fight in this war
When we don’t belong here anymore
Still yet I try to forge ahead
Now people from my hands are dead

He returns safe to his homeland
Greeted by spit and insults from his friends


A boy to a man, that didn’t see
His right of passage, was anarchy
Chaos in war spreads like a plague
Just grant forgiveness
For the lives I take on this day


LP- GEARS of the MACHINE, Released June 2006
LP-GEARS of the MACHINE...A New Beginning
Songs played on DJ Tom Wylde
Songs played on Progmetal Angel
Songs played on Rebel Radio Network- Chicago

Set List

3 sets of 10 to 12 songs
3 hours of material - Originals and Covers
Originals- Soldier's Plea
I'm the One
The Desire
White Road Black Sun
Gears of the Machine
Master of Thought
Time Will Tell
Walls of Jericho
Wrongfully Accused
Covers- Iron Maiden-
The Troooper
Flight of Icarus
Black Sabbath-
War Pigs
Ozzy Ozbourne-
Perry Mason
Black Label Society-
Counterfiet God
Shadows Fall-
What Drives The