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Sacred Earth

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Some of the most beautiful, heart stirring music in the market today. Sacred Earth are fast becoming the highest selling sacred music artists in Australia. Pure Bliss!


Brought together by greatness of the Divine Spirit. Jethro & PremAliyah are joined by the love they share for one another. These two remarkable beings started their musical journey in humble beginnings. Chai tents, festivals, tribal gatherings.
Fueled by the oneness that flows through all of creation they moved into a place in their life of introspection, practicing deep meditation and yoga. From this place, their music, was born. Ancient, warm, all embracing. Sacred Earth's music will uplift and touch your soul to the core and remind you that you are a divine being.
They have risen over the last 3 years to become Australia's leading Sacred Music artists. They have attained Distribution both on Australian shores as well as in the USA. They have released 3 albums titles. All equally as good. They spend their time travelling Australia and the world performing at Temples, ashrams, sacred music festivals, yoga studios, concert stages and theaters, Mind Body & Spirit festivals.
Their influences include Jai Uttal, Deva Premal & Mitten, Krishna Das, Manose, Sting, U2, Classical Indian music, World music, irish folk music, himalayan folk music, mantra.
Sacred Earth have currently sold approx 40,000 albums in the last 3 years. The attendance to their concerts continues to grow all around the world.
Music to make your heart sing.........


Cd 1. "Pamanyungan"....Sacred Earth
Cd 2. "Divine Devotion"...Sacred Earth
Cd 3. "Inyan"...Sacred Earth
Sacred Earth's songs are played everyday on Sacred Sounds radio/ internet radio stationed in LA, USA
As well as many world music & sacred music shows around Australia

Set List

Sacred Earth usually do 3 hour concerts. 1st half they play for 1 & 1/4 hours playing an average of 7 songs. SE play long songs and encourage audience participation. SE have a 20min break then play for 1 & 1/2 hours. then finish up. They play no covers all original material. Sacred Earth usually play where there is no alcohol present due to the sacred nature of their music and their vision to connect the listener to the queit of their own heart.
SE play a mix of songs from their 3 cd's