Sacred Fire

Sacred Fire

 Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

Fame and fortune don't mean much to us. Our success is defined by how well our music leaves an impression in the minds of those who go to our shows. We are 5 guys who play the game because we love it. We play a variety of styles and like to think that anyone and everyone can relate to & enjoy us.


It began like any other band. Two friends realize that the potential to start a band together exists and they go for it. It starts off as a dream but they invite friends to join in, write some originals and off they go. That was us. After we wrote our originals, we moved on to interpreting covers and we have been playing venues and organizing our own events ever since, never looking back. The odds are against us, but with a faith in God, and the notion that it's better of to try and fail then never to try at all, we do what we have to do. Why us though? We play stuff that isn't mainstream because we know that mainstream isn't what real music ought to sound like. We play what we feel and sell-out to no one. That's just who we are: A real band playing real music for a world living in reality.

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Covers and Originals