Sacred Savage

Sacred Savage

 Calgary, Alberta, CAN
BandMetalClassic Rock

Savage, Brutal Metal from the wastelands of the Blood Tribe, An ultra heavy backbeat and proud metallic guitars bring substance and soul to the deep, dark, screeching vocals which bring the band into the realm of sacredness that for which it is destined.


Although this band has a new name it has a LONG history....It all began it the early 80's , Myron Fox was the lead guitarist for the band KINROQ and the Eaglespeaker brothers had a band called CHAIN. They jammed together for fun but never formed a band until towards 1990, Guitarist Skin had been in a band called BLIND ANGEL at the time and had jammed with the ES bros, also..The ES bros had also been in the band STONE AGE ROMEOS. After the breakup of KINROQ ,Myron got together with the bros and did some gigs under the name AXCELLERATOR with some other guys from Lethbridge, that band never lasted... Myron moved to Calgary and loined the band ELEKTRIK CEREMONII for a short time but returned to Kainai and the guys renamed the band CHAIN II. Sometime in the 90's the band changed its name to DR BLOOD. The band played locally and was known for their hard partying make a long story short, and to leave behind the shenangans of their reputation the band changed their lineup and SACRED SAVAGE was born..


Demogodz - self produced 5 song E.P.

Set List

Death Machine
Hey Man
Dog Soldiers
Cold Black Rain