Ecstatic music-drumming and chanting workshop

Ecstatic music-drumming and chanting workshop

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A unique seminar that emphasizes participation in sacred music. Using classical Indian ragas and chants to access profound meditative and mystical states. Sacred rhythms that energize and integrate the heart and mind.


John is one of the leading Western exponents of the bansuri, having studied intensively with Hariprasad Chaurasia for over a decade and has a degree in North Indian music as well as being fluent on western flute and as a composer. He is the leader of the acclaimed "Facing East" music group. He also has been involved with esoteric yogas and meditation for over 30 years and holds a degree from a Vedic University and a degree in North Indian music. Ken has studied world rhythm for over 30 years and has taught yoga.


John has released 4 CDs "Facing East", "Bansuri Dreams", "Facing Beloved" with "Sacred Offering" to be released in fall 2004. He also is the author of "Indian Melodies for the Western Musician" and "Sacred Sound/Sacred Sadhana".

Set List

Seminar activities 1/ Learning ragas in the traditional call and response method. 2/ Clapping ,drummingand vocalising trance rhythmic patterns 3/ Individual guidance to locate and learn your "body tone" and personal sound forms. 4/ Understanding the sacred disposition from the tradition of masters.