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Band World Reggae


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Saint Germain has is own Independent Labels:
1. ManiFest
2. ManiFestival Productions

Sevens cd - LP 1996 (world/reggae)
Moving Forward cd - EP 1999 (world/reggae)
Children of the Sun cd - EP 2001 (world/reggae)

Seventh Golden Age dvd - 2007 (world/reggae)
Ascending Light dvd - 2008 (world/reggae)

I have had my music on radio in the U.S. (N.P.R.), Europe (High Times Radio) and Guatemala. Also on the world's #1 Internet Radio out of Florida, and one live podcast (live internet concert). There are audio clips on this website and I will soon have video clips. I have audio and video clips on my website, just click the "musical biography" icon.



The Sacred Sound System with Saint Germain's acclaimed songs, is a pop/world/reggae ensemble. Playing soft, sweet melodies to faster groove-oriented jams, at venues internationally, since the summer of 2006.

Germain was ranked in the Top-10 in 1996 with the world's largest poet's society, the "International Poet's Society". Germain is also one of the top "Dub Poets" in reggae music, and truly a visionary master of the "Spoken Word".

Germain is headlining this year's International Dub Poetry Festival in Jamaica in August '09.

Germain has performed in seven different West African Drum Troupes over the last fifteen years, studying with over a dozen West African djembefola's (master drummers). Germain has lead big West African Drum Troupes in London, Los Angeles and San Francisco, at some of the largest "Carnivals" in the world. Germain usually plays at least one traditional West African drumming arrangement at the performances.

Germain has collaborated with grammy winners:
1. Tom Waits (Orbitones Album)
2. Mickey Hart (of Planet Drum)
3. Airto Moreira (of Herb Albert, Miles Davis)
4. Sky "Sunlight" Saxon (of The Seeds, for the "Almost Famous" soundtrack)
5. Sikiru Adepoju (of Santana)
6. Leon Mobley (formerly of Ben Harper)

Germain has collaborated with recipients of, and/or members of:
1. The Grammy (six different artists)
2. Independent Music Award (Scott Huckabay)
3. Songwriters Hall of Fame (William Clauson)
4. Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame (Vince Welnick)
5. 500 Greatest Song of All Time (William Clauson)
6. Top 500 Songs that Shaped Rock-N-Roll (Sky Saxon)
7. Guinness Book of Records (Mickey Hart and Planet Drum)
8. Native American Top 40 (Scott Huckabay)
9. BMI Award (Tom Waits)

Germain has also collaborated with:
1. The World's Greatest Troubadour; #1 Folk Artist (William Clauson)
2. The World's Greatest Tabla Player (Zakir Hussain)
3. The World's Greatest Drum-Circle Coordinator (Kim Atkinson)
4. The World's King of Garage Rock and The Father of Garage Rock (Sky Saxon)
5. The World's Youngest Djembefola (Isaiah Chevelier)
6. Bam Magazine's Guitar Player (Scott Huckabay)

Germain has played in over fifty different music ensembles, playing dozens of different instruments. Amongst these collaborations, there have been seven different Top-40 artists in a total of ten different genres:
Folk - William Clauson
Jazz - Lee Charlton, Airto Moreira
Rock - Vince Welnick and Phil Lesh
Alternative and Folk - Tom Waits
World and Pop - Mickey Hart and Planet Drum
Experimental - Bart Hopkin
Electronica - Dino Vichas
New Age and Native - Scott Huckabay

Germain has recently been writing lyrics for William Clauson, a major international #1 Folk Music star. Billed as "The World's Greatest Troubador", who wrote "La Bamba" and "He's Got The Whole World In His Hands". William was the #1 Folk Singer in the world (in his prime), with a total of 60 albums in fourteen languages.

There's over 150 years of performing experience amongst the Sacred Sound System ensemble. Each band members has a minimum of 15 years of performing.

Saint Germain's influences come mainly from playing with:
1. Lee Charlton (Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis)
2. William Clauson (Select Member of the Songwriters Hall of Fame)
3. Zakir Hussain (Ravi Shankar, Beatles, Planet Drum)
4. Airto Moreira (Herb Albert, Miles Davis, Al Di Meola, Chick Corea)
5. Sikiru Adepoju (Stevie Wonder, Santana, String Cheese Incident)
6. Mickey Hart (Grateful Dead, Planet Drum)
7. Karl Perazzo (Santana)

Other influences include:
Bach, Vivaldi, Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Cash, Bob Marley

Reggae Artists of Influence, that Saint Germain has spent time with:
1. Jimmy Cliff
2. Third World
3. Israel Vibrations
4. Ziggy Marley
5. Earl "Chinna" Smith (Bob Marley)
6. Lee "Scratch" Perry
7. Mad Professor
8. Culture
9. Rocker T
10. Jah Levi
11. Dub Farmer

Other influential people that Saint Germain has spent time with:
1. His Holiness, The Dalai Lama (India)
2. Princess Abushady (Saudi Arabia)
3. John F. Kennedy Jr. (speaker)
4. Drunvalo Melchizedek (author)
5. J.J. Hurtak (author)
6. Neal Donald Walsch (author)
7. James Twyman (author)
8. Stephen Simon (producer/director)
9. Gary Zukav
And many other diplomats, ambassadors, prime minister aids, and eight different native American Chiefs.

The Sacred Sound System with Saint Germain continue to "opened the gates" through music and the sacred word, manifesting a multitude of miracles on stage, with an alchemical healing, bringing a true sense of peace and freedom to thousands across the globe.