Sacred Vision

Sacred Vision


Sacred Vision is the attempt of one Chicago musician to communicate thought and emotion through music. Swirling melodies, thickly layered vocals, and diverse instrumentation produce a signature "heavy", but heart felt sound.

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Wine Dark/Frost

Written By: Sacred Vision

Dark at noon
The air was like glass
And I was walking right beside you
There's nothing beneath us
But the white grass
Frost at your toes and your fingers are cold

I'm feeling wine dark

Over and Done
Shoulder to Shoulder
Lying down

I am he
I am your blood
You're all that I need

Hold your soul in the old, in this gold
I've been found in this way
But they won't let me stay
No, no, no, situate
And erase how I've been, this is only a new friend
I've been found, I've been sold
Is it great? So you know.
And this sound that you hear
Is my drum in your ear
And you forgot my name
But the words came the same
You are here in my land
And we won't meet again
cause your not in my way
You are not here to stay
Let it be Man of War
This is not how you were


Wine Dark/ Frost (Single)