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Rhyming in a deep, soulful voice over the past 12 years, melodic guitars and haunting strings blending with a combo of steely beat patterns or simple percussions is the name of the game for Sadahzinia who is the leading female force of hip hop in Greece.


Sadahzinia has been tirelessly spreading her highly politicised anti-bling gospel across for the last ten years. Initiating an entire Grecian hiphop movement, she has been working solo or with Active Member, Greece’s most successful hiphop group. Her genre of music is quite different from any other kind of hip hop, and thus has a distinct name of its own: "Low Bap".
These past years she has worked either in the studio or on the stage with several artists both from abroad and from Greece, such as Waldemar Bastos, Sokratis Malamas, Rodney P, Skitz, Killa Kela, Mixologists, Adam Fuest, Winston Irie, Chris Hall, Oliver Wilson, Dynamo Dresden and others. Also, apart from Greece she has often performed in festivals in London, Wales and Germany.
She has a healthy diregard for the “rules” about what a rapper ought or ought not to do. For example, she writes and publishes her fairytales. Indeed her art name is inspired by a Caribbean tale and comes out of the words: “sad” + “jah”+ the flower “zinia”. In summer 2003 she wrote a theatrical play, “The Magician of Fire”, and presented it in a crowd of +3000. The play was accompanied by a live symphonical orchestra and a Dj.
Her first albums were released by WEA. However, in 2003 Sadahzinia found “8ctagon”, her own independent label which provides a vehicle for record releases, tours, movies and the like.
Through “8ctagon” she released her fifth personal album, “Petranasah”.
You can check Sadahzinia's videoclips on her official website!


Mayiatiko (=Reef of May)

Written By: Sadahzinia

I bring you lots of presents - it's my turn!
I take a deep breath, breath of May, and I lean my head back
facing the sun, my hair's upset cause I drag them on the earth
and every year I keep wearing on them
a reef made of flowers.
I stumble, I feast, I sing songs
I go round with ornaments and weather tricks
I take a deep breath and blow round air rings.
It's no time for black clouds.
Spring 's been dancing for two months.
I made nectar with water, to quench my thirst and feast.
To find you - although I couldn't - I looked on land and sky
I 've come from dawn on my way I saw magic things,
a thousand tiny miracles
a beehive looked at me straight in the eyes, all nature was smiling.
Solution came with wine and kiss.
I was afraid of all things left unsaid in winter time,
but in May it all looks eternal,
and all is said in lightness.
Spring sows fire with the rain's loot, with spells and reefs of May.

Life, braid for me a reef of May
To wear it on the neck of this rotten world
To cover the shame and the blood with flowers
Wake up the spring with spells.
Fill up the moon for me, make an army of stars,
send me some saltness - taste of summer
and like a knife, I 'll make it through winter time.

A tree has sprout in the centre of earth
and the nerves of its root bring up
weird whispers, different lyrics.
Newcome spring, my red destiny.
Wake up to tell me your dreams!
Wake up and keep close to you
with spite the most beautiful and distant
and lure them with aromas, the weight of your youth.
I woke you roughly, I know
but you'll see, I will wear my reef twice
around my head, the warp is my mind and the thread is world's disorder.
Maybe, I should braid it with thorns again.
Otherwise I'll never make it out there
Or I 'll find a way to enchant them, and bear the rotten.
I 'll cover the shame and the blood with flowers,
gather moments in their empty hearts,
tie spells of life on earth and look!
Wishes become scents and Sunday voices
that sweeten your throat and heart with laughter
and make you stay up on spring nights

(the word "maya" in greek means "magic" so in the song Sadahzinia raps about the magic of life.)

Kokkini Zoni (=Red Zone)

Written By: B.D.Foxmoor

Keep away from me, pull yourself together you 've been crashed
from the things you denied, you 've been hammered.
You foolish jurk - like a sack full of rocks -
they've woven your soul with lies
You unsuspicious, you! Stop measuring life in carats!
Look - if you dare - straight in the eyes of the "dragon".
Listen and you 'll learn from his gloomy silence.
You'd be lucky to become his only child…
I wish you could realise that they 've thrown us here into this corner,
they 've politically disinfected our minds and they 've promised us
paradisiac peace, sinful abundance,
tables rich, games, books, education,
and life the cowards dared to promise us life,
as if life were a never ending feast.
And you do not ask why - You do not ask why.
You and your non-existent conscience!
You know I won't leave you alone, as much as you may wish I would,
I 'll keep talking, until I make you see.
I 'm not angry with you, I'm rather angry with myself
that so many years I stretch out in front of us myriads of words
that only the few stay and listen
chances are that none of us
that were born within the Red Zone will survive...

I stand and look, although I 'm cut off.
Their golden dream is almost finished.
I 'm burning and you' re terrified
And you are begging not to be left alone with me.
I accept you, but you are bented and crooked
you are speechless, not a sound.
You may keep out of the way, but you keep forgetting
that we were given birth in the Red Zone.

Cry it out loud - I knew all that would happen to me
I had sown fables and myths
in barren fields,
and verses.. next to mass neurosis.
I had been saving for you an infinite lot of surprises.
But, you, coward, will end up somewhere in the middle
crooked and bented, never looking up
What were once your dreams, are now all that you hate.
What do you want from us, you gentle -ish man?
You and those similar to you, stay together and have fun…
while myriads of "vagrants" that resemble alone,
fight for you, too, in the Red Zone.

Red - Red Zone
Like steel burning on the anvil.
Red - Red Zone,
The proud ones always die alone.

Amongst the frivolous talks and the silence of materialism,
I hope my secret will become a cry.
The shameful and ignorant ones try to downgrade you
and there are others who accept only things they can touch,
while you crack their urban logic.
They are anaemic and voiceless and tied up in their ethics.
But you, shouldn't show it if you 're tired and shouldn't collapse if you 're betrayed.
The enemy will always do what he has to do
yet, pull aside and count all his mistakes,
go ahead and become his shadow, become a dim mirror
and let him believe that you are dead.
He is blind, and arrogant
don't try to enchant him. Spit on him your irony.
Scream in his ears like I do and I don't care whether I 'm saved in the end…
'cause I refuse to betray myself.

Silent Water

Written By: Sadahzinia

I drank the water of silence
to quench my thirst and care no more
and try not to tell you
about all those I found written when I got to the bottom …

I found tangled seaweeds, and drowned truth
and an immortal fairy which I drank all up…
Look! It’s not a simple matter nor a fairy tale
it will go to the pot if it just sticks in my verse.
It doesn’t have much of a chance, it has got under way.
Once water was a cloud, and rain; now it sells like hot cake.
Climbing up through the earth to the mouth of those who pay
- like a colourless petrol for our thirst.
Gargle with it and keep your mouth shut that’s their moto
and if you exceed your litres’ limit, there’s an interest due
and rate per cent measurements for all nature’s faults.
Posing as Lady Bountyful, tipping us off and babbling on relatively
that we ‘re about to run out of water and thus the future bleeds .
Unless you pay something extra, so they say,
then only then you appreciate!
For this, tradesmen and technocrats have the solution:
blood from the tap shall flow.

I drank the water of silence
one sip for me and one for you (I drank, too…)
I danced the dance of rain (therefore one’s left to blame…)
let’s pass the buck to the weather (not me , not you…)

They treat us to the “speechless water”
sorry, I can’t deny; I drink it.
And it’d be written on my fate
if I’m to choke over a sip of it…

They treat us to the “speechless water”
in a snazzy pretty bottle
squeeze our future and embottle.
It’s a big game, but we don’t say it out into the open,
It’s over our head and yet good for our body
It’s the fetish of athletes, each and every consumer,
for fitness, weight loss, plus quite a trendy fashion,
anticipating wrinkles – that’s doublechecked, I tell ya.
Meantime for all the things to reach the shelves
speechless water must go wasted in tones.
For each car, each microchip, each funky t-shirt,
we need all water from the Alpes to the town of Evian.
Farther, in the third world’s empty plate
there where live the angels of our thirst
some smart keep calling upon dry spells
and plunder the riches way under the earth…

I drank the water of silence
one sip for me and one for you (I drank, too…)
I danced the dance of rain (therefore one’s left to blame…)
let’s pass the buck to the weather (not me , not you…)

They treat us to the “speechless water”
sorry, I can’t say no, I drink it
And it’d be written on my fate
if I’m to choke over a sip of water…


Personal albums:
1. “One more lie” (=Allo ena psema) - Sadahzinia (WEA - CD, 1998)
2. “Blame the fire” (=Chreose ta sti fotia) - Sadahzinia (WEA - CD single, 2000)
3. “Silver end” (=Asimenia Akri) – Sadahzinia (WEA - CD, 2000)
4. “In the colour on ash” (=Sto Chroma tis Staxtis) - Sadahzinia (WEA - CD, 2002)
5. “Of May…” (= Magiatiko) – Sadahzinia (8ctagon, CDsingle, 2003)
6. “The Sound and the Action” (= I Voui kai ta kamomata) – Sadahzinia (8ctagon, CD, 2003)
• “Fiera”(Warner, CD, 2004)
7. "Recordings from Twinpeaks" - Sadahzinia (8ctagon, 10inch vinyl, 2006)
8. "Petranasah" (=The Breath of Stone) - Sadahzinia (8ctagon, CD 2006)

1. Áctive Member - "To Megalo Kolpo" (Warner/ Freestyle Productions, CD + 2LP, 1995)
2. Áctive Member - "Prosfigas" (Warner/ Freestyle Productions, promo maxi 12”,1996)
3. Active Member - "Apo Ton Topo Tis Figis" (Warner/ Freestyle Productions, CD + 2 LP, 1996
4. Vavilona - "Parafron" (EMI/ Freestyle Productions, CDsingle, 1997)
5. Vavilona - "Archi Epi Telous" (EMI/ Freestyle Productions, CD+ 2 LP, 1997)
6. Various Artists - "Kramahoperrata" (Freestyle Productions/ Warner, CD, 1997)
7. Áctive Member - "Mithi Tou Valtou" (Warner/ Frestyle Productions, CD+ 2LP1998)
8. Low Bap Sessions - "Vol.1" (Freestyle Productions/Warner, CD, 1999)
9. B.D.Foxmoor - "Sti Chasi Ke Sti Fexi"(Warner/ Freestyle Productions, CD,1999)
10. Vavilona - "To Kouarteto Ton Stichion" (EMI/ Freestyle Productions, CD,1999)
11. Active Member - "Meres Paraxenes, Thavmasies Meres" (Warner/ Freestyle Productions, 2000)
12. Active Member – “Live/Remix” (Warner/ Freestyle Productions, 2CD 2000)
13. Active Member – “Ston Kero tou Allokotou Fovou” (Warner/ Freestyle Productions, 2LP/ CD 2001)
14. Various Artists -“Kramahoperrata II” (WEA/ Freestyle Productions CD, 2001)
15. Brigada – “Pirokamota” (WEA/ Freestyle Productions, CD,2002)
16. Active Member - "Perasma st’ akroneiro" (Warner, CD, 2002)
17. Various Artists – “Sampleterra” (8ctagon - 801 - CD, 2003)
18. “Red Zone” – Umicah (8ctagon 806, CD/ 2LP, 2003)
19. B.D. Foxmoor & Ramon present Low Bap Mix Tape Vol.1(8ctagon, CD 807, 2003)
20. Various Artists – “Global hip hop” (Manteca/ Union Square Music, 2004)
21. Active Member - "Blah Blasphemy" (8ctagon, CD+DVD+LP, 2005)
22. Active Member - "Skieratsa" (8ctagon, 3CD, 2006)

Set List

In my own gigs I normally play 180minutes to 3hours.
In festivals I limit my performance to 60 minutes (more or less according to what is needed)