Sad Boy Sinister

Sad Boy Sinister


Straight up in yer face, Hard driving, pissed off, punk rock-n-roll! nothing more-nothing less.


With song's that describe the brutal truth about sex, drugs, rock-n-roll, and the hard core reality of work, love, and life in California. There's no denying Sadboy Sinister is "Hardcore, Punk Rock!" Formed in early 1990 and still gigging strong, S.B.S. is totally D.I.Y., funded only by merch sales and thier own hard earned ca$h, without any label suport S.B.S. with help from close family, and friend's, has continually produced, recorded, and released,thier own music, booked shows, and toured Europe in 99. Special thanx to all who have helped out in any way up to this point!


Get Out Of My Face - January 2006
Our Thing - 2003
Life And Death - 2000
EuroCuts '99 - 1999
South Bay HardCore - 1996
Crooked As Fuck - 1992

Set List

Set list from Get Out Of My Face 2006 approx. 30 min.

1. Stay Down
2. Time 2 React
3. Societies Victim
4. Road Rash
5. Reduced
6. Little Pig
7. Double D
8. Hard Life
9. Strung Out
10. She Cums Again
11. No Love
12. S.G. Life
13. Walking Dead

This is the set list of our newest release. Set list and times when combined with previous material can range from 30 min to 60 min. or more.