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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Sad Breakfast"

They call themselves Sad Breakfast and produce an awesome blend of instrumental post-rock music. The band has just recently released their new CD and it is available for free from their website. If you are into bands like Pelican, Isis, Tides, etc. then you should check these guys out! -

"*Sad Breakfast*"

This band just posted their website on our message board and asked us to give them a plug for their new album. I'm more than happy to post it and not just for the sake of being polite but also because it's pretty damn good. I only listened to about half the album on my way in to work this morning but I like what I've heard so far. They're similar to Pelican or Tides in their heavier moments but also have a lighter side to some songs more along the lines of Tristeza or Unwed Sailor. So here's their website which has a link to their album. Good luck on the tour guys... -


1999 “with the sunshine in my eyes” ep*

2001 “sadbreakfast en vivo” ep *

2002 “dont try to forget” ep*

2001 Compilacion “Robots and planetas , Varios artistas”

2003 “dont try to forget... that’s why people take pictures” Cd Lp

2003 “prueba esto V.2” grabaxiones alicia

2004 recopilatorio para la revista ZIN

2005 “The time…” Cd Ep

2006 “to come back” Cd Ep

2007 “The time… to come back” Cd

2009 “Sad Breakfast” Cd



At the begining they were four members and their band was called Pale Pluto in
1997. They started playing rock music, plane and simple, without any tags.

When one of the members left the band, they decided that they needed a change,
With some bad experiences at breakfast, someone had the idea to named the band
Sad Breakfast, but each member has its own meaning.

With these changes, growing up, and listening to a lot of independent bands from
other countries, their concept of music was different. They decided it was time to record
something, so in 1999 they put out a demo tape called “With the sunshine in my
eyes” EP. With this tape they started playing in houses, coffee shops and small venues
in their city.
At this moment, this three guys thought they needed a drummer, so they got one and the original drummer got to play guitars. With a lot of playing in their city, they startedto create new music, so it was time to get in a studio, they were taking things more seriously.

In 2002 they got to record in a small studio in Mexico City, all this with their parents
money. With a lot of problems they manage to put out the CD in 2003 called: “Don’t try to forget... That’s why people take pictures”. After this material was playing in their own city, a European Record Label called Puresome released it in Europe. Even though they struggled with the ignorance of independent music in their own city, they continued playing, and playing. They even booked their own tour throughout the entire country, did all the work, made and sold their own merchandise, charged the
venues, drove, etc...
In 2003 with the support of various small independent record labels, they got in the
studio again, this time in a better studio in Monterrey Mexico. This sessions were
split in two ep’s: “The Time” & “To come Back”. This material was mixed and mastered by Hans Kruger in Spain. With this new production, they started to sound on the radio in the only station that plays rock music in Mexico City. They even got the chance to put a video in MTV Latino. The touring was the same, “Do it yourself”.

They manage to put up two big tours in all Mexico, for two years.

In the late 2005, two original band members decided to leave the band, So Josue
started his own project called “Kill Aniston” recording three albums and playing in the
most important festivals in latin america such as “Vive Latino”. So time went by and
nothing happened with Sad Breakfast.

In 2008, they were offered to open up a show for Explosions in the Sky. So Josue and Emiliano talked about bringing Chris G. to join the band again and play in that show. The show came to be a good experience for them, so they decided to keep Sad Breakfast alive.

Now 2009, they got signed by a new Record Label “BYR Records”. Now with all the
experience of all this years, Sad Breakfast is playing in all the important venues of
Mexico and opening for foreign Bands like: Tristeza, Black Tide, Explosion In The
Sky and MONO.

The material is Produced by Roy Cañedo, mixed by Matt Bayles and mastered by Ed