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The best kept secret in music


"Working With Sade"

Working with Sade is an enlightning and eccentric experience. She is totally unpredictable and so energetic. Just by these qualities alone make her so beautiful as well as the outer beauty she holds. I would love to work with Sade anytime she adds so much charisma to the set and boosts everyone elses esteem to where the whole show is about Sade. I dont know how she does it but she is definitely a star.

Charles James, Director
of Beauty of The Bay, LLC - Beauty Of The Bay, LLC.


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Feeling a bit camera shy


Sade Adona born January 29, 1986 in Oakland, CA is an Asian/African American singer, songwriter, dancer, model, & choreographer. Sade at an early age began classes in ballet, Congolese, Tap, basically all forms of dancing. Her mom having a heavy background in singing with a high soprano voice Sade only continues the legacy. Sade began singing in church as her foundation, once moved to Pittsburg she joined a church called Stewart Memorial where she would blossom into a young lady. Her pianist Reggie Mims a well know factor in the Bay Area begin to vocally train Sade and inspired her to lead solos any chance she could. Sade also was involved in many school talent shows, dance competitions, and plays. Just to be on stage and in the spot light was all Sade ever wanted. As Sade grew her talents did as well, and with the diligent work habits and developing a tough skin, Sade would begin her dreams of stardom in the music industry.

In 2004 Sade joined a dance group headed by “Selau”, big sister to Sade called “Damn Dancers”. This allowed Sade to live out her passion for dancing and performing. With the dance group Sade learned a lot and danced for many local groups as well as mainstream artists. Artist's like “The Federation”, Big Rich, Messy Marv, and many others. Even opening for Ginuwine, Boys II Men, and Keisha Cole just to name a few. But of course Sade wanted more always so fast pace so “Selau” begin to allow her to choreograph routines and take on new responsibilities. It is no way to explain the way Sade moves it is almost like electric currents going through her body and you can feel them when she performs. She has performed in many venues such as Henry Kaiser, Bill Gram Auditorium, and others so her knowledge of stages is very broad and it adds to her profession as a choreographer. “Damn Dancers” has grown to be a well known dance group and Sade is truly finding growth and nourishment.

Sade being such a chameleon wanted to concentrate more on her dreams of singing so she reached out to a friend/family member Joniece Williams to manage her career. This came to no surprise to Joniece she knew Sade was a star from an early age. Knowing Sade for over ten years she has her best interest at heart and the bond is very strong. Joniece has began working with Sade for about three months or more and already have developed a list of producers, artists, and record labels that want to work with Sade. Sade has such a soulful yet young energetic voice and her range is from soprano to alto. Truly her voice is melodic and the genres of music is not limited she loves R&B, hip hop, Neo Soul, Alternative, Pop, and even Rock. Sade is one of a kind and will break all barriers in the industry being such a Limited Edition.

One of her stage names “Sade Veyron”, taken after the Bugatti Veyron the most elite and limited edition vehicle in the world and the fastest symbolizing her talents and pace
Sade does have so many talents that her name varies but mostly she is addressed by “Sade”.
Still juggling her dancing and modeling career Sade seems to find time to accomplish all of her goals and give 100%. With a single album to be released in 2007 she has her work cut out for her but embraces it with open arms.

Everyone loves Sade and soon you will be seeing much more from her as she embarks on her dreams of becoming an all around super star. Make way for her as she will steal your heart, take your breath, and warm your soul.