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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"We're Number One!"

"Every so often an album comes along with a certain uniqueness that grabs you from the opening song and then gets better with each listen. Every song on the album represents a wealth of alternative metal music styles. The fascination with this new breed of modern rock musicians is their instinctive ability to connect many genres of music, thereby shaping and molding it into something all of their own making.
… Sad Eyed Angel displays professionalism, enthusiasm, charisma and pure talent…. One of our favorite acts. .. They have the dynamics in their songs and the talent to make it big in the music industry." - - Talent 2000

"Great Work!"

…"Great work guys! Very original sounding material! … excellent guitar riffs and strong emotion-filled backing vocals… very well written musically as well as lyrically… easily and very marketable!" - -T. Buburuz, International Marketing Group

"A 9 out of 10!"

"Superb bombastic killer metal comes from the state of Illinois in Sad Eyed Angel. These four guys add speed filled riffs to compliment furious vocals and kick drums… a heavy metal mosh recipe one can't resist… their songs grab you by the throat from the first few notes and add a nice change of pace from riff to chorus back to riff madness… rolls along with thrash like speed and violent vocal screams… overall, this is worth all the spare time you may have. So if you really want to wreak your neck from head banging or fracture your bones in a mosh pit, then this platter is for you… a 9/10!" - - "Metal Mike" from Hard beyond


"Goddamn, this is heavy fuck'n metal! … In the way of genre description it's metal with a thrashing delivery… after my fourth time through the disc I began to fear my home's foundation would turn to concrete dust. You can not go wrong with the flesh-ripping riffs, piercing solos, and powerhouse drumming on (the songs) … I loved every destructive minute of it. Pick up this killer disc from these Illinois metal monsters."
- - Patrick Dumas, "The Darkest Hours" Multimedia Broadcast


sad eyed angel 2001 single::track1)rise of the creeps track2)serrated silencer
sad eyed angel 2000 demo 1::track 1)sinkhole track2)rottingod track3)shattered life
sad eyed angel 2000 demo 2:: track 1)Rise of the creeps track2) rufies track3) no remorse

SAD EYED ANGEL full length 2006 (Buried Face Down) track1)intro track2)Wake the Dead track3) Angel Guts track4)Sinkhole Track5) Killpath track6)Mass Ignorance track7)the escape track8)shattered life track9) rufies track10)Rise of the creeps track11)No Remorse track12) Rottingod track13)Surfacing infection


Feeling a bit camera shy


Formed in the Chicago suburbs in around 1999, the band and it's members have toured the midwest and overcame hardships as well acheiving some degree of success such as being apart of the mainstage of 2000's Milwaukee Metalfest and promoters landing the band spots opening for the national touring acts like Cannibal Corpse and Hate Eternal. Sad Eyed Angel draws their major influence from such bands as Pantera, primarily guitarist Dimebag Darrell, and other bands such as Machine Head and Slayer, although they keep their individual approach and explosive attack unique to their own original music.