Dynamic, emotive and melodically progressive, Sadhana's musical styling's are on the forefront of the progressive and alternative rock scene.


Coming together in 2008 from the creative hub of Melbourne, SADHANA consists of members James Stewart (Vocals), Paul Reid (Guitars), Rients Huitema (Bass/Backing vocals) and Jimmy Mileto (Drums and Samples).

With a fluid artistic flair and dedication that comes through in all aspects of their art, SADHANA's polished image and sound is mirrored in their heavy grooves, thick melodic hooks and experimental samples and sequencing

Through their commitment to raising the bar in the prog-rock scene, SADHANA has created a contrasting, dynamic and evocative sound with effortless melodies and lyrical substance that conveys an emotional intensity that can be seen and heard from their renowned live shows and through their debut EP release 'Vicissitudes'.

"Melodically progressive, with powerful dynamics that push boundaries" (Mixdown Magazine)

"Like watching a fire with your ears, rounded, burning embers, a foundation for whirling flame-striped licks that curls wallpaper and smokes tires. Impressive" (Faster

"These guys are as captivating live as they were in the studio" (David Carr - Producer/Engineer, 'Kisschasey',Antiskeptic)


EP - 'Vicissitudes' April - 2009

Set List

Usually 7 to 8 songs in a set list.

1. 'Your Reason'
2. 'Art After Dark'
3. 'Better than This'
5. 'House of Cards'
6. 'The Fold'
7. 'Stationary Dancers'