Sadie May Crash

Sadie May Crash


Jump aboard the tilt-a-whirl express, reckless energy tinted with dazzling colours. Merging pounding rhythms, winding keyboards and driving guitars. A fun-filled yet dark amphetamine sugar-rush combining a vintage spirit and with bedazzling energy, unleashed as absolute joy


Jump aboard the tilt-a-whirl express, reckless energy tinted with dazzling colours. A fun-filled yet dark amphetamine sugar-rush that's both heart-wrenching and makes you want to hit the dance floor. The lyrical snide, sharpness and wit of ringleader Paige Boy makes it impossible to turn a deaf ear while the eerie infectious music keeps you on your toes.

For the past 3 years their trail-blazing live shows have quickly built up a reputation for some of the most exciting performances in the city. Before long, Sadie May Crash has found themselves sharing stages with the likes of Canadian Legends The Viletones and Carole Pope and current acts such as Priya Thomas and The Golden Dogs, garnering attention from bloggers and critics alike, and receiving rotation on commercial radio station Edge 102.1. The band was also named "Best Toronto Indie band" at the 2008 Toronto Independent Music Awards (TIMAs) held at the phoenix concert theatre and were one of five independent bands who won the vote and personal praise of media-mogul and Virgin owner, Richard Branson for 2008’s Virgin Festival

This is a band not afraid to take chances. Paige Boy has been described as the love child of Grace Slick and Liza Minelli. While the rest of the band punches out raw energy spanning Post-Punk and Theatrical Thrift-Glam to 60's Psychedelia and Surf. Call it what you will, this is a truly eclectic alternative pop explosion that will make you sweat while refreshingly having something to say.

Interesting enough, this five-some has relocated themselves to their own Rehearsal/Recording space. Finding an inhabited house set for demolition they decided to rip out the carpets cover the walls with their painting. Bursting with colour and life, the space has become an artistic haven to work and play music. “It’s been one of the most important things to us as a creative entity” remarks Paige, “It’s a living and breathing plateau where we can separate ourselves from the world and look deep for the best ideas.”

After recording demo after demo in studios all over Toronto and finishing 2 self released/self produced E.P.'s the band is planning on working with a producer in the next couple months to create their first full length record, taking it on the road and promoting it as much as possible to the world.


The things they say......

“Their sheer onstage brilliance and charisma proved to be one of a kind. Sadie brings out the inner jive and swing in all of us. Paige Boy's vocals ring through the club with such range and intensity that she plants a seed in your eardrums and doesn’t leave.”
--Joel Chico,

"There is no finer distillation of colorful alt-pop charm, a whirling cacophony of ripping guitars, screaming organs, and bouncy harmonies that’s like traveling on a vintage hot-rod whipping up dust. The live spectacle makes you think this band is ready for a larger stage."
--Lonely Vagabond, Exclaim!

"Sadie May Crash has everything it takes to make in the big, bad music world. These kids have their own sound, and thankfully, doesn’t sound like yet more Nickelback or Green Day wannabees. I really like them a lot.”
--Gary Topp, Independent Promoter (Ramones, Devo, Police)

"Sadie May Crash came with an eerie, jarring sound that had the crowd spinning with delight"
--Jake Steinmetz, The Newspaper

"Keep your eyes on this independent Alt-Pop group from Toronto. A band you just have to see play in front of you. Their shows get so much better every time I see them."
--Bruce Moser, Could Be Wild Promotions (U2, Tragically Hip)


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Fix and Repair

Written By: Sadie may Crash

Keep it together as best as I can
Take the wheel tell the sirens
And the highway man
We're not going back cause we're making a stand
We'll head for the sun hand in hand
So come on

Who do you love,
When theres nobody there?
To pump all your blood
To fix and repair?

The dust is thick and we're starting to spin
We're feeling the heat and the sin on our skin
I'm too young to crash but I don't wanna go
He said Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
I said, No! No! No!
I guess you never learn
When you crash you really burn, you burn.
I guess you never learn
When you crash you really burn, your turn.

Wrong Way Out

Written By: Sadie may Crash

You've been taking all the credit
Pretty soon they'll all forget it
Walk into a crowded room
You said your goodbyes
Stepping out of your disguise
It's a lie

It's the wrong way out

Save your stones for doves and murder
Keep it shut but don't desert her
Diving in a gold trash can
Much to your surprise
Mirror broke before your eyes
It's alive!

It's the wrong way,
Trust when I say,
It's the wrong way out.

You're down at the cinecycle
Your slow recital
You're offering all of your soul
You're stealing what's left inside you,
Your star recital
And you wonder which way you should go
How can that be?

It the wrong way
Trust when I say
It's the wrong way out

From You It's True

Written By: Sadie may Crash

Don't ask me about the setting sun
Don't ask me why I shot the gun
Don't ask me what's the master plan
Don't ask me if I understand
Don't ask me to get on that train
Out of town in a single day
Don't ask me, Hey are you in love?
Cause feeling it is not enough

From You It's True

Don't ask me what's inside your eyes
Don't ask me all the different kinds
Don't ask me why our hearts do break
Don't ask me to participate
Don't ask me why I took a chance
The reason lies between our hands
Don't ask me why I lied to you
Because that up for me to choose

It's True

So, you've got dying fractions
Self reactions please.
Take the time,
Steal the liars keys.


Written By: Sadie may Crash

Is it a full moon tonight?
And are you feeling something right?
I got nobody
You got nobody

Are the fleeting soldiers still?
Are there empty holes to fill?
They got nobody
Tell them they got no bodies

Spot lights will shine on,
I keep my eyes on
I got nobody,
And nobody got me

My D.N.A. has left me stranded
The parachutes have landed
Hey it's not funny
They got nobody

Are the sinking ships to shore?
Are there salesmen at your door?
Asking for money?
Tell them I got no money!

Spotlights will shine on
Pinpoint my eyes on
I got nobody
And nobody got me
Oh No!


"Black Clouds" E.P. released: July 26th '06

S/T E.P. released: January 20th '08

"Sadie May Crash Live @ Mod Club" LIVE DVD released: Dec. 5th '08

Set List

Sound Of The Bell
Fix + Repair
Wrong Way Out
From You, It's True
Said Me, Said You, Said We
Words are Words
Shelly Winters
Red Letter
The Trip of 10,000 Tin Canned Bees

No Covers, just Original Music
Set Time is approx 30-50 minutes varying on the show requirements