Sadie Shaw

Sadie Shaw

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Recovering Opera singer goes bluegrass. Gillian Welch meets Patty Loveless, meets Dolly Pardon. Expressive, beautifully bold, and sometimes gritty vocals paired with extraordinary talant and control of the voice.


As a recovering opera singer, Sadie Shaw always knew she would grow up to be a singer. She began singing as soon as she could speak, pretending to accompany herself on the guitar at the tender age of five. Sadie grew up in the small town of Eureka, CA, in a big family, who exposed her to many styles of music from traditional country to classic rock.

Sadie's musical tastes broadened further when she was selected to be a soloist in her high school jazz ensemble and later, when she fell in love with opera while attending Humboldt State University majoring in music with voice emphasis. After college, she moved to the Bay Area to continue her classical studies. During this time, she rediscovered country music with a Dwight Yoakam, the Dixie Chicks and Patty Loveless. Soon she heard the Louvin Brothers, Jim Lauderdale, Ralph Stanley, and after hearing The Del McCoury Band at Grass Valley, Sadie decided to pursue a career in bluegrass music.

Sadie moved to Nashville in February, 2008 and quickly immersed herself in the bluegrass scene.
Her first recording LITTLE MAGGIE MAE has this review:

"On this auspicious debut, Sadie Shaw shows us an authentic and expressive bluegrass voice, a songwriting talent, a mature understanding of the genre and who she is. I am proud to have been a part of it." ~ Kathy Chiavola


Little maggie Mae

Written By: Sadie Shaw

Little Maggie Mae, Little Maggie Mae
She’ll take your breath away

Oh my little Maggie Mae, with stringy chestnut locks,
She didn’t use a brush, her momma she’d get cross
But every time she smiled, with those big blue eyes
You knew right then and there, you were hers for life

Little Maggie Mae, Little Maggie Mae
She’ll take your breath away

Whenever she’d walk in, with those red rain boots
A singin’ Delta Dawn, what flower you have on …
She’d stop me in my tracks, and I just had to say
Oh, little Maggie Mae, you take my breath away

Little Maggie Mae, Little Maggie Mae
She’ll take your breath away

Oh, and when you hear her laugh, true story I am told,
She laughed so loud in church, brought it to a hold
The preacher turned around, smile on his face
Oh little Maggie Mae, you're welcome any day

Little Maggie Mae, Little Maggie Mae
She’ll take your breath away

3rd verse lyric change from recording


LITTLE MAGGIE MAE (EP) features original songs such as the title cut and covers of lesser known bluegrass gems such as "Cheap Whiskey" and Song for a Winter's Night" with a cast of renowned musicians.
Radio and streaming airplay are on the way.

Set List

Original and cover songs:
1.Little Maggie Mae
2.Song For A winter’s Night
5.Cheap Whiskey
6.Orphan Train
7.By the Mark
8.Roses in the Snow
9. The Angels Rejoiced
10. Pretty Little Miss
11. Driving Nails in My Coffin
12.A Piece of Me
13. Food Chain
14. Home
15. Blackberry Blossom
16. Orphan Girl

~45 minutes