Sadius Nag

Sadius Nag

 Chicago, Illinois, USA
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I'm a young Chicago lyracist with a varied flow trying to shake up the hip hop game with a little diversity and creativity to bring back the artistry of hip hop. Started with poetry switched to melodic rhymes at 11 and ever since been trying to change my life with the tune i was born with.


Born and raised in Chicago, IL now Milwaukee,WI resident Sadius Nag is a multi styled lyracist whether its southern bass driven music to fast paced lyric driven midwestern flow he can do it all. Seriously going after a career in music since the age of 12 now 21 has acquired a nitch for the unpredictable flow that is as stated by Sadius himself "a lyrical amusement park". Making waves in not just hip hop but pop and rock.



Written By: Sadius Nag

livin life raw so real
tryna keep shit trill
i don paid my dues
now im workin on a mill
shit im on my grind
yo aint dat that truth
cuz i am like me
dont wanna be like you
i am my own
mind's creation
flooded by the
day dream lake of temptation
i can not swim
drowning from misunderstanding
standing with my soul
why it feel so abanding
i do not know
but know im go'n try
to improve myself
before i touch that sky
then and if i die
so when i go by
i will glow like gold
but in the sun ill shine
then the stars above
so high-er
then the stars go up
so this drive right here
is accumative of love
and i will not age
i will live so young

Light me up

Written By: Sadius Nag

when ya see me
see me on da ceilin
flip da whole world
up down
of mah inner feelin
is reactionary
to da fuckin loud cloud
wit parallations
to da sound waves
dat im steady bangin
you can hear me out from far awayz
yo im talkin far away
float on off and take me back
to dem betta days
try cycz
and dem big wheelz
lyrical melodic throw downs
dreaming bout deals
money cars
fanatasizing how da rich feel
throwin out cash
like it aint but a dolla bill
aye but really..
what da cost is
all ya money time
and ya sanity don lost it
damn and dis life
you cant pause it
das why im lightin up
pourin out trone like a faucet


Get Away - Released summer of 2011 on 103.7 Kiss FM for their Kiss Icon amateur competition.

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