Manchester, England, GBR
BandHip Hop

Dark, quick whitted, sick punchlines, real hip hop..


05 - 01 - 1987 Craig "Sadiztik" Nuttall was born. Sadiztik is a UK, Manchester Hip-Hop artist, writer and producer. Sadiztik is the metaphor used in several ways to describe this artists style in one word. Blending a poetic, riddle/pun punchline & metaphoric song writing style with classic lyrical Hip-Hop wordplay, complex rhyme schemes and multi-syllable rhyming into a style of his own. Sadiztik is no stranger to confronting controversy or taboos within lyrics but also often approaches dark, deep and emotional matters wether personal or in the world surrounding him. Sadiztik is surely a dark poet though underneath the rawness is a talented artist with a lot to say and nowhere near finished yet. Keep checking this page for new material and the up and coming releases "TheDoor Is Open" EP (Free Download) and the debut album "Welkome To My World" Peace!!


The Black & White Mixtape 2010

Illerstate 2011