Sad Ladders

Sad Ladders

 New York City, New York, USA

Sad Ladders is an alt/rock band from Brooklyn, New York.


Sad Ladders is a band just trying to catch a break doing what they're great at, which is writing and performing music about the overplayed themes of loss, love, death, and life. The band formed in February of 2011 and started playing together in Gowanus, Brooklyn. At first their jams were of a strictly therapeutic nature, a need brought on by the soaring cost of health care and denial of talk therapy but then something clicked. The desire to turn a sad man's life into something more meaningful pushed the band to start booking shows the next Spring in and around the bustling and saturated music markets of Brooklyn and NYC. In a never ending attempt to become their own favorite band, Sad Ladders strives to one day cite themselves as one of their own influences.


Vacuum Living (2012)

Set List

Open Up
When I Come Home
Don't Wait
Please Mary Please
I Feel Like I Always Do
Rest of Me
Another Space Song