SadMe – young Moscow rock-band, whose sound comes apart from other bands from Russia. SadMe vocalist MelerySad is a key person, she writes all lyrics and music for the most songs. The band has never been standing in one place, and since 2002 had come the way from Irish rock to brit-rock, and from indi-rock to a quite complicated to describe mixed style, which is hard to be named except like SadMe-rock. They easily mix different music styles and do not get tired to experiment. They are in a permanent search. Considering the fact that the band already has its own sound, they do not exploit already found tricks and do not use music clichés, that’s why their performances are always original and memorable. SadMe have a wide experience of concert work, and they are well known and recognizable in clubs. They’ve got intellectual texts and music, but together with that they’ve got drive and nerve-strain. Due to charisma of all musicians and powerful energy which MelerySad passes through her-self and gives away to the auditorium, none of listeners can stay indifferent. Listen once to MelerySad’s sensual voice and it will surely live a trace in your soul..


No love

Written By: MelerySad

It gets so sad to know
There’s no road I go
Where I can find some peace and love

My dear baby,
Why is this life so unfair
There’s no devotion
Make you care

I still believe the things I want to believe
Cause otherwise there is no point to live

There’s no love
There’s no life
There’s no love
There’s no love for me you see

There’s no love
There’s no love
I’m a preacher, there’s no love
There's no love


Written By: MelerySad

If only I could be that strong
I wouldn't ask you… to hold me…
Hold me… hold me…

And only birds can fly so high
Get burnt from the Sun
I'd like to

Hold me..

No obligations
Only a usual frown of your sad eyes
Sea is what shore bleeds
No hesitation
Only a scalding wave inside
Sea is what shore bleeds

I'm not a superhero, can't protect myself
Can only pray
At double speed

I had a secret plan of my escape…
Bad mother innocence

Hold me..

Will it be easier one day?…
That is the question
Wizard keeps silence..

I can fly

Written By: MelerySad

Running carelessly
Into the land of dreams
Finding there
Anything you can please

All of these beautiful lands
Over the sea and into the deep blue sky
I can run now
I can fly

I don’t know which direction to choose
I can fly now anywhere
It’s all so exciting
And I love all the people out there
I don’t care about searching
Don’t want the things I haven’t got
I just want to fly, feel it forever
Maybe feel myself a little god...

But I hear the words around me
You can’t fly, cause nobody can do
There’s no wings, just two weak hands
Oh, look at you!

And I feel that I’m falling
Falling deeper and deeper
The rocks
Meet me now
Now I’m yours!..

And I fell on the ground
And you pointed at me and you laughed
And so sour was the taste
Of the blood in my mouth

And I went with my head down
To the place where nobody can see
What humiliation and pain
Made of me

All in the blood
I was lying there alone
Crying and begging for mercy
But no scream was heard, no

Days by days
Nights by nights
Dieing with a deep pain in my eyes
Tears burning my eyes

But one day somebody opens the windows
And the fresh air fills my lungs
Oh, I can feel it
I can smell the spring
I can ride the wind, I can rise
I can rise from my knees

And I open my eyes
And I don’t care anymore
I shake off the dust from my wings
And I run through the door

And I feel like something pulls me up,
Higher and higher up
And it happens again
I can fly, I can fly

And there’s no sorrow,
No lies, no shots, no pain, no fucking shame
No humiliation, no despair, no tears, no screams
It’s only flying
In to the deep blue sky
I raise my hands and I fly
I can fly..


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