Sad This Fix

Sad This Fix


Sad This Fix combines elements of country and rock to create a sound that is decidely alternative yet familiar enough to be recognized.


Sad This Fix is the solo project of Saint Cycle’s guitarist Adam Brooks. Saint Cycle is a Dayton based rock band with a sound very different from the laid back melodies of Sad This Fix. This difference served as the primary impetus for Brooks’s decision to embark upon a solo project. While Brooks valued the energy and speed of Saint Cycle, he needed to address other musical influences that are either hidden or unable to come out in Saint Cycle’s material and performance. These musical influences range from Hank Williams and Gram Parsons to Bill Fay, Bob Dylan and the Beatles. Brooks grew up hearing artists such as George Jones, Loretta Lynn and Bill Monroe, and while he understands that true music cannot be held within the limits of genre, he does concede that some approaches are not suitable in all situations. Thus he accepted the need for a solo project separate from the new/melodic metal of Saint Cycle. Sad This Fix can be heard on, and seen performing in venues throughout Dayton. Check out Saint Cycle at


Sad Eyes

Written By: Adam Brooks

Something's wrong I can tell
I'm too proud to say I'm sorry
But what the hell
I hate myself sometimes

You're hurt as you slip off your skirt
With this cigarette smell on my shirt
I hate this scene sometimes

Your sad eyes are beautiful

You've cried and I've lied
You'll never know how hard I tried
I hate just getting by

It's hard to try
But you're why

Cable Wait

Written By: Adam Brooks

I wait impatiently by the phone
But it never rings it leaves me alone

My cable wait is just a waste
My cable wait
My cable wait is just a waste
I must confess


Written By: Adam Brooks

I'll wait forever
Even though I'm ready to go

I'm ready to go


Sad This Fix EP - 2005

Set List

-Sad Eyes
-Cable Wait
-Ann Arbor
-Medicated Bullfight
-Cheating the New
-I'm Sorry
-New Year's Eve
-In the Meantime
-Say Yes
-January Star
-Step Song
-Move on
-Own Effect
-American Sunset
-Strange Attraction
-Falling for Russia