Safe As Houses

Safe As Houses


Electronic rock from Southern California.


Safe As Houses is an electronic rock band from Southern California. Relying mainly on hardware synthesis and harmonic guitars, SAH has created a palet of colors all thier own. "The basic message of this act is simple. To constantly move forward with a message of truth, while keeping our distance from the pretentiousness that seems to dominate the current music scene."

SAH is led by its only permanent member, 23 year old Chris Brandle, multi-instrumentalist and producer of all that is SAH. Chris was born in Springfield, Ohio in 1981, and relocated to Southern California in the fall of 2001. He is planning a move to Chicago in the spring of 2005.

SAH has worked to achieve a truly unique sound comprised of everything from gritty analog synth work and big beat programming, to intricate guitar leads and fluid melodies. Without any regret, SAH lyrics unfashionably tend to touch on the subjects of death, love, and faith.

Influences include The Smashing Pumpkins, New Order, Depeche Mode, The Cure, Aphex Twin, Sonic Youth, Sunny Day Real Estate, Billy Idol, Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, and Cheap Trick


EP1: Tron, A Satisfied Man, Every Motion
EP2: Big K, Electric World, Aether

*Full length album due out Summer 2005.

Set List

Enough original material for a one hour slot. More to come soon.