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"Pop Songs with Punk Rock Attitude"

"Compared to what his musical peers are doing, young Andy Werth is making some pretty ballsy music for these parts. . .no jarring guitar, guttural growling, or mood-affecting atmospheric noise. Instead there are bright horns, bouncing piano, and an undeniable '70s-pop vibe. . .it's the antithesis of what you hear being played at [insert your neighborhood hipster bar here] on a Friday night. Which almost makes it more punk rock (in attitude, not execution) than anything this city's seen in a long time."
--Megan Seling - The Stranger

"Impeccable Hooks and Arrangements"

". . .Very impressive display of pop songcraft. Impeccable hooks and arrangements. . .the group's songs would fit with Wings-era McCartney or Supertramp. . .and Andy's voice couldn't be more sincere.
--Abe Beeson, KEXP DJ - KEXP

"Definitely Recommended!"

"Another perfect pop coup for this Seattleite!" - IndiePages

"Seattle Music at its Very Best!"

Seattle's music scene is more known for grunge heroes than it is the true independent music scene that it's embodied for years. Forget the flannels, this is real Seattle music at its very best! Rich indie pop harmonies with art rock hooks veining throughout each tune, Back to the Sun is a pop album that Brian Wilson would be proud to call his own. - Smother

"A Pop Treat"

“. . .truly delectable characteristics. . .a pop treat enjoyable for all. Seeing Stars has the power to enchant, and in under twenty minutes to boot. Andy Werth really has something strong going on here, and I am excited to hear what a full-length album might be like someday." - IndepedentClauses

"A Gem!"

"Every once in a while something really stands out. Seeing Stars is one such gem. . .This is an outstanding release, and I can't wait to hear more from Andy Werth. He's got my attention."

-Chris Zaplatosch, DJ - TheSource 95.1 (Valparaiso, IN)

"Something Unique on the Seattle Scene"

"Uplifting pop that hearkens backs to 1970s pop in a lot of ways without feeling dated or kitchy. "Tower" is a horn- and drums-driven track that blares joy from the mountain tops. The song is energetic and upbeat, but Andy has a very relaxed delivery and there are few rough edges. So, what pops to the top are the trumpets and the melody, both of which are entirely catchy. The disc continues with a cavalcade of bouncy piano and hummable vocals. . .there isn't a throwaway song in the bunch. . . Andy and his band really present something unique on the Seattle music scene. Although there are certainly bands in an "affinity group" (like Tiny Volcano, Curtains For You and "Awesome") I don't think there is another group doing anything exactly like this. And they really kick it up a notch live."
- Seattle PowerPop Blog

"Tighter Than A Recession Budget"

"... He (Andy Werth) draws from a variety pack of influences that would be noninterchangeable in less inventive hands... Much of this disc's strength (Seeing Stars) is in Werth's stellar arrangement skills, employing layers of flugelhorns, organs, electric and acoustic guitars, and piano. This approach has become less common in our world of loops and samples; it's refreshing... His backing band delivers topnotch grooves with a sound that is tighter than a recession budget. If these tunes were performed solo, on an acoustic guitar, it wouldn't measure up to the power that results from a full-blown pub rock-style band burning down the house..."
--Ed Schrader
- City Paper (Baltimore)

"Wry Lyrics and Slyer Delivery"

"Finely-crafted pop rockers. . .Werth's wry lyrics and even slyer delivery seal the deal. . ." - AidAbet


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