The stage is set for a revolution in rock, and it comes by way of the 5 members of SafeJacket. Hailing from Pennsylvania, this group of musicians made up of John Romac, Michael Reilly, Matt Cannan, Nick Chilenski and Derick Johnson have produced an explosive style that's unlike anything heard before


Spring of 2007 marked a new and exciting turn in the bands 6-year tenure. These five young musicians have turned their attention and passion to a dynamic and energized stage show and set out to prove they are truly the new vision for rock.


The Radiation Is In Us

Written By: Romac

Verse 1
I always seem to find, that we ignore the signs-I've anticipated all the while.
Not far behind, you lie in wait but I-can't shake the feeling that it somehow makes you smile.
Are you satisfied, but know that deep inside- we're burning (ohhhh!)

I don't wonder why you stay asleep, I'd do the same in your place.
So set the time, don't wait a while just to see, so burn or radiate!


It took a lot to set me free and Radiate
So sing it back to me and Radiate
Verse 2
Not hard to see, the problem lies with me-it's not the first time that you've thrown it in my face.
So I agree, that doesn't set you free-you have the worst time trying to share all the blame.
Is this what you need? To feel like you'll succeed-that I'm burning (ohhhhh!)

Take it from me-we're a million miles away from
Suffering- But you already
Know-you need to just
Let it go

Light and sound

Written By: Romac

Verse 1
Ten words to write, to fall asleep, all the while inside I keep,
the simple things, they're interesting to me
Half a world inside, now I can breathe, half a word I try but you still leave,
don't concede, walk away from me
I needed the fall, the journey down, I wanted it all , the light and sound,
too much for me, can you feel it now?

I've got nothing to say to bring it down
Let me show you what I've found

If I could bend light and sound, and everything between,
cause I wanna see you there
*(It's only once the light breaks through the sound can reach, don't turn away from me,)
*(It's all about the fight the, the pain the suffering, that only falls on me,)
cause I wanna see you there.

Verse 2
Starting somewhere else, society, never really been, a friend to me,
city lights, are way to bright for me.
Hear us run, cherish the sound, a little overdone, but still profound,
not enemies, for everything
Iv'e found, that all it takes is all around, You wanted it all the light and sound,
do you see, and can you feel it now?


(SCREAM)Get up, put up, shut up, we're all the same
I don't believe it

Outro Chorus
Take a second look and you may find I'm not very far behind
Hear the sound, don't try to fight, let yourself be dragged into the light.
1-I'm not only the one who can see the way
2-Feel it shake
1-If you're not lonley then you are not free they say
2-Stay awake

On My Way

Written By: Romac

I will redefine the sound we make, only the silence that we break.
I realize the faults with me, the simple plain reality. Lean on me

ohh-we go, ohh
Take a look and you will find, That it's you that's out of line-oh-you know

Just say the word and I'll believe, Though I'm not sure what you mean-You already know.
Just say the word I'll take the fall, Your not the first to take it all-All from me.
Verse 2
In time I know that you will see, this saved you only misery.
You'll find that all that you can take, a collection of my mistakes.
You...Go... what did it take to lie to me?
I... Know... your gonna pay the penalty

2nd Chorus

Wish You Well

Written By: Romac

verse 1
I'm Sorry-no I just can't seem to leave-you in my sleep
It's here I see-all that tears deep into me-where's the peace of mind in memories?
The suffering-is only the start I believe-I hear you when I'm not near you

Pre Chorus
If you say that everything is fine
I'm not sure you can tell
I hope you had a real nice time
And just know I wish you well

verse 2
I'll take my chances and hide-in hopes the fear will soon subside
Too real to fake-all that I love seems to break-it feels a million miles away
My mistakes-all seem to end up the same-I hear you when I'm not near you

(carried on from pre)Well......, there's a part inside of me
That hopes you burn in Hell.......

All the words, I'd take them back again. I needed a call, I needed a sign.
Let me go on my way-
All I needed to find will come back in time-
I want you to know-Know I wish you well.


Safejacket Self Title E.P. Released March 2007

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Set List

No Covers All Original.
45min Set.